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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The cough is back: Hillary Clinton in Ohio


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The cough is back: Hillary Clinton in Ohio

Post by Lobo on Mon 05 Sep 2016, 4:56 pm

The cough is back: Hillary Clinton in Ohio
Posted on September 5, 2016 by Dr. Eowyn
Her incessant cough is back as Hillary Clinton is in Cleveland, Ohio, for a Labor Day campaign appearance.
While media whore MSNBC cut its camera when she coughed, thank heavens we have CSPAN’s live uninterrupted coverage:

Drudge Report has a link to the video. Here are some hilarious comments on the video’s YouTube page:

  • Phillip Lovett: “Fur ball from huma”
  • De Barr: “Someone get this woman a pickle jar!!”
  • Dave T: “Ya, her poor health is a TOTAL conspiracy.”
  • Michael Geno: “‘C’ stands for Classified c*** Coughing!”
  • Marcus Aurelius: “She probably had Huma´s public hair stuck in her throat.”
  • Doniosk writes “She might have a few health issues but she sure is sexy.” To which Jerry Shaw replies: “Huma is that you???”
  • John Oliver: “choking on her bullshit..?”
  • ThePruttmaster: “do we not get to see all 26 people in her audience?”
  • Bessie Funk: “Lying about the cause of her cough as well…lol…it never ends”
  • bombislamdotcom: “She doesn’t have something, she’s just allergic to normal human beings. It’s time for the fat lesbian granny to admit she’s a shape-shifting reptilian alien and go back to her cell in Area 51.”
  • Will Christian: “just wait until this happens on the debate stage :)”
  • Rosie Favela: “Well as long as she is Coughing, she wont be able to spew  out those Lies…..”
  • Raymond Raymond: “Hope she gets the Farts during the Debates too…Trump will cause her to have a nervous breakdown on live TV. LOL”
  • Scott Keen: “Quick! Where’s the guy with the Diaepam pen?! Diazepam, stat!!!”
  • runnik catti: “Bet she had to change her diaper after that coughing fit”
  • brewtroll: “Even her coughs are lies!”
  • whatisreality01: “And anyone saying she has serious health issues is deemed a conspiracy theorist, or threatened, fired from their jobs, or given a permanent dirt nap.”
  • neobootsonious: “Tim Kaine is that creepy clown you see at kid’s parties.”
  • Jonathan Kelly: “Just look at the stupid clapping monkey behind her.”
  • Alice Bonnet: “She’s falling apart just like the country she wants to rule.”
  • orionsdad1: “Is she going to cough through the entire Trump debates? Let´s hope so!”
  • Mars Enyaface: “I wonder what her acceptance speech will be like..”On behalf of…’cough…cough…cough’..I ‘cough…cough…cough’ ‘cough…cough…cough’ My entir- ‘cough…cough…cough……………..cough’ Hold up….’gulp, gulp, gulp’….’cough…cough…cough’ Thank you. ‘cough…cough…cough’ good night.”
  • BJ Brown: “So Dems think that THIS is a vision of strength and US power needed to deal with Russia, China, and MidEast?”
  • Boris Badenovisback: “This is just a sick old woman who needs to go on an extended vacation. This not the Leader of the Free World unless you are insane.”
  • Patrick Quinn: “The smoke Filled lungs from Ambassador Stevens has come back to haunt you… this is not the first coughing fit you’ll have……Behghazi…….. Karma”
  • romanesq: “Is she having trouble swallowing all those iPads and electronic message devices she didn’t have?”
  • Sacred Night: “‘I’ve been talking so much lately.’ Where? The first distinguishable words from her mouth are a lie.”
  • street parade: “She’s been resting since last Wednesday and she can’t even get through one little speech?”

My favorite:

  • poopmenot: “Every time Hillary coughs a demon gets his wings.”


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