Baghdad / Iraq News Network said a source from within the government, Sunday, the head of theNational Jhazalomn to hold office for more than five years after the extension of the year by thePrime Minister. The source said: " The Fayad completed the legal period at the National Security Agency amounting to four years and attic should be a law on the Cabinet change , referring to thepursuit of al - Fayad , the pressure on the prime minister to stay in office another term by Iran as source confirmed the nomination of president of the Reform Movement , Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari . "He added the source said , " there is an agreement with Abadi that Faleh al - Fayad Scagl post of foreign minister in the event of completed actions questioned by parliament and thecondition of al - Jaafari , the Shiite alliance that Fayad is a foreign minister , but that many of thecoalition 's leaders seem unwilling to assume Fayad , the portfolio of the Ministry Foreign not having the experience . "he continued source said , " Fayad , in the event of isolation from theNational Security Agency, the candidate to replace him is Hamid Alhatri office manager and close it".sv parliamentary source, earlier, about the intention of most of the members of the Iraqi parliament and parliamentary committees questioned Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari and Foreign Minister of Health Adila Ahmoud.oshab Iraqi parliament, earlier, the confidence of the finance minister , Hoshyar Zebari, and after about a month of the parliamentary vote on the dismissal ofdefense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi from office, against the backdrop of corruption files. According to the constitution and rules of procedure of Parliament, the minister becomes an article after theabsolute majority of the parliament vote in the meeting at which poses a vote on impeachment.