BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq confirmed the central bank 's board, Sunday, commitment to banking institutions in Iraq 's laws and regulations to combat money laundering, and warned of the repercussions of non - compliance with such legislation and risks to create channels for the financing of terrorism, while the Iraqi private banks association pointed out that the statements of some politicians is "responsible" caused to stop the deal one of the large European banks with Alarac.oukal Central Bank Governor acting on the Keywords, during a press conference, to combat money laundering and terrorist financing in banks and financial institutions of Iraq: " the Iraq confirms banking and financial institutions , compliance with anti - money laundering and financing private terror that this issue has become enjoys a national and international interest . "He added Keywords, said that" the law was drafted very carefully and as far as this care needs to be carefully applied , "noting that" the Iraqi Central Bank issued a set of instructions and regulations in light of this law in the financial institutions , the banking sector other groups involved in this law"He Keywords, said that" the success of the application of the law depends largely on the nature of the deal that banking institutions with different parties , especially the Foreign him, "adding that"the international banks and international financial institutions look closely and follow - up to the commitment of these banks those rules so that it can deal with it in a transparent and clear , "He pointed Keywords, that" the central bank gave priority to the issue of the closure of the ports forthe financing of terrorism , we have succeeded to a large extent in this context and in the past two years we have stopped hundreds of financial institutions and companies from the exercise of their work because we discovered the existence of cases involving suspicions of and in coordination with international parties as well as we develop programs linked to the international system to prosecute financial transfers and there is a program and a large part of the letter and put part of an international audit offices with international companies. "