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The six most important changes were the global markets


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The six most important changes were the global markets

Post by rocky on Mon 06 Aug 2018, 1:37 am

The six most important changes were the global markets

Historical figures have been the most prominent on the global market during the past week, whether for the completion of the $ 1 trillion made by Apple or the rise of the dollar to 5 Turkish liras.
The past week has also been a testament to the continued implementation of tight monetary policies by central banks around the world, with a number of banks choosing to increase interest rates.
Mubasher has tracked six important figures in global markets over the past week.
($ 1 trillion). Apple managed to break the $ 1 trillion barrier in market value last week to be the first company in history to achieve this, thanks to stronger quarterly results than estimates, a progress that President Tim Cook attributed to the hard work of the team Which led the stock to record 9.5% gains in a week despite the failure of iPhone sales to meet analysts' expectations.
By contrast, Facebook has been under heavy pressure since its disappointing results, after recording the biggest daily losses in Wall Street's history, but ended the week in the Green Zone with a market cap of half a trillion dollars (513.29) Tesla shares also recorded a bullish performance amid pledges to shift to profit during the rest of 2018 after the performance of the second quarter.
Last week saw the release of a number of quarterly companies from April to June, surpassing analysts such as Kraft Heinz, Credit Suisse, BP, Pfizer and Sony, while failing Others in meeting expectations such as Samsung, Procter & Gamble and Barclays, while Royal Bank of Scotland announced dividend payments to shareholders for the first time in nearly a decade.
157 thousand jobs below expectations
The US economy added 157,000 jobs to the job market in July, down from a forecast of 191,000 jobs amid a drop in the unemployment rate of less than 4 percent and a steady pace of wage growth.
At the same time, the Eurozone unemployment rate stabilized in July at 8.3%, its lowest level since December 2008.
The world's second largest stock exchange
Persistent peer-to-peer conflicts between the world's two largest economies have changed the list of the world's largest stock exchanges for the first time since November 2014. China lost second place to $ 6.09 trillion for Japan, valued at $ 6.16 trillion, while Wall Street "On the lead worth $ 31 trillion.
Japan's Nikkei index posted a weekly loss of 187 points, or 0.8%. European bourses suffered a heavy loss in the same period, losing Stokes 600 to 0.7%, while Apple's jump helped push the US stock market to record significant gains. During the past week.
The dollar is equivalent to 5 Turkish liras
Last week's session (August 1) saw Turkey's domestic currency fall to 5 lira per dollar for the first time in history as the political deadlock between the two countries escalated, but ended the week on a relative recovery after a political lull and vowed to work out their differences.
On the economic side, inflation in Turkey accelerated in July on a year-on-year basis to a 15-year high of 15.85%, lower than the 16.3% forecast. The central bank also raised inflation estimates for 2018 to 13.4% against expectations of 8.4%.
Raising interest for the fifth time in a year
Central banks continue to tighten monetary policy around the world as the National Bank of the Czech Republic decided to raise its interest rate for the fifth time in a year to curb the fast-growing economy. The Fed also decided to increase its interest rate for the second time in 2018 as inflation accelerates on a monthly basis.
While the Federal Reserve set the US interest rate in a step in line with expectations while raising its view on the performance of the economy as well as kept the central bank on monetary policy as it is without changes.
But the Bank of England raised its benchmark interest rate for the second time in 10 years to its highest level since 2009. The governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, says monetary policy should be limited and at a gradual pace, with interest rates at 1.5% within 3 Years is not a bad rule, he said, which sent the pound to below $ 1.30.
3.8 million barrels
US crude inventories surged by a modest 3.8 million barrels in the week ending July 27, reversing an estimated 2.6 million barrels on the downside as US oil production fell by 100,000 bpd, falling from a record high.
The unexpected increase in oil inventories, coupled with signs of an increase in OPEC production in July to record the highest level in 2018, up 70 thousand barrels per day, according to a Reuters survey, "as factors that caused weekly losses in US crude.

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