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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Adoption of the calculated risk in banks ' lending serves both sides



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Adoption of the calculated risk in banks ' lending serves both sides

Post by rocky on Tue 25 Jun 2013, 4:03 am

Adoption of the calculated risk in banks ' lending serves both sides  

25/6/13 12: 00 am

Expert: reducing loan guarantees under study with the Central Bank
Baghdad-Mostafa Hashemi
At the time, saying private banks that have surplus funds, claims specialists and citizens to benefit from the release of loans with guarantees to ensure the relief keep funds wastage and guarantees the recovery of banks and the borrowers to complete their projects and jobs.
The economists and academics called Iraqi banks to adopt a system calculated risk in lending to more than the number of loans in the implementation of projects or other requirements, bankers said that the guarantees are required in addition to the need for the cooperation of the relevant authorities in helping banks to recover funds who offers real guarantees and refuse payment.
Economic problems
He said economic academic Essam Mohamed in a statement to (morning): citizen access to credit from banks, both private or public is very complex. He explained that the student loan guarantee or surety Government employee to the Bank for the purpose of obtaining a loan. Muhammad felt that reflect on the sides, and said that denying citizens the opportunity to obtain loans causing economic problems reflected primarily on banks because its basis is the granting of loans and credits to citizens
As well as the granting of credit and other banking business. Explaining that due to the accumulation of surpluses and high liquidity in banks reached 50 percent of its capital, which requires it to move in the markets for investment and stimulate economic activity in the interests of both banks and citizens alike.
Calculated risk
Referring to the need for banks to adopt (calculated risk) in launch loans, but but discussion among concerned about risk is a calculated risk or adventure?
He noted that banks operate on three objectives and profitability through interest and liquidity through increased deposits and security through loan guarantees granted by, and this is what distinguishes her from other departments and other bodies.
Economic Medhat said Kazem that guarantees required by banks at the present time it is very difficult considering that it's hard to get a sponsor and sometimes even sponsor an amount required as a condition to ensure that student loan. While some argue – as Kazim-that title to the property as security for the loan is exaggerated as the value of the loan requested by the 10 million citizens to compare a property worth a hundred million?
He noted that, despite the high interest and the short duration of payment not exceeding 3 years at best in private banks, this is to be reviewed for the purpose of exploiting the financial surpluses and invest in housing projects, for example, or employed in the area of loans to small and medium-sized enterprises.
Said that article 28 of the law prevented banks from investing directly or indirectly in business management, so this is an opportunity for the exercise of those activities by granting loans only account.
Modification of terms
He called for the need to amend the terms and conditions of lending controls, because it is an important part of its work, as required by the current stage, it is so profitable and benefit them when they draft because it drives the economy of moving towards the development process needed by Iraq.
The private banks have financial surpluses to create different projects if the employment and exploitation of these funds properly, calling for the enactment of laws and legislation serving economic development process.
Banking expert said sherwan Anwar that private banks lending did not stop citizens and there are loans for various projects including medium and short ones. In a statement to (morning): that private banks have been entrusted funds depositors and cannot be directed in the right direction by reducing the safeguards, however, there is a trend in agreement with the Central Bank to ease safeguards and that the topic under study and discussion.
Equity guarantees
He said that some branches of private banks in one day rate 20 lending transaction and up to 40 times, pointing out that the security demanded by the Bank is determined by size of borrower, amount if the amount is less than 10 million dinar are demand borrower foster permanent staff in official circles and if the amount of the guarantees demanded by shares or real estate companies and other safeguards guaranteeing the amounts borrowed.
Payment delay
The competent authorities should cooperate with us if the reluctance to pay borrowers because we need to recover our amounts which are basically amounts to citizens bank depositors.
A number of private banks recently adopted a new idea, the first of its kind in Iraq, syndicated loans, i.e. those banks adopt different projects through its contribution to

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