BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq revealed Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, Monday Office, the existence of an agreement for the management of Sinjar by the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army forces, he did not allow the government to any armed activity outside the scope of Ath.oukal FBI spokesman Saad al - Hadithi in a press statement today : " the Kurdistan Regional government and the central government have agreed on joint management of the district of Sinjar by the Peshmergaand the Iraqi army . " in a related context stressed the newborn, "not to allow the federal government in any activity gunman outside the scope of the state harm the interests of countries nearby , including the Kurdistan workers Party , or the rest of the other armed factions . " and onthe continued military presence in Iraq , said al - Hadithi, that" the Turkish side promised towithdraw completely immediately after the liberation of Mosul and we are waiting for the Turkish side translate those promises on the ground. "