Baghdad / Iraq News Network US President Donald Trump announced on Friday, that "false reports" in the media , the complexity of the process of improving relations with Russia, saying it seeks to establish good relations with Mosco.oukal Trump told a news conference on Friday: he wants to improve relations with Russia, noting at the same time that it seems "not very good" from the Alssayash.omn new description Trump reports about the existence of a relationship between his campaign and Russia as fraudulent and void and baseless Tmama.ookd US President "what you're doing something for Russia I did not do anything to Russia. If we can improve relations, it would be a positive thing , "Trump He pointed out that it was easier for him to adopt a tougher stance towards Moscow, saying , " Whenever you are more stringent about Russia , the better. But know what? .. I want to do is correct steps for the Americans, as I want, frankly, that my steps are correct for the world as a whole after that . "He added , " Believe me, if we have good relations, that would be a good thing, not bad " is noteworthy in this context that the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held last Thursday 's talks with his US counterpart , Rex Tillerson in Bonn , Germany, Lavrov said , "We focused on the bilateral relations between our two countries, which torpedoed by former US President Barack Obama 's administration" he pointed the Russian minister that Tillerson reiterated the readiness of Donald Trump to work to serve the bypass complications that marred the US - Russian relations, and expressed his country 's interest to engage in all adjustments , including the problem Alookranah.ozkr Russian minister said Moscow and Washington Jaddedta emphasized during the talks for their interest in the fight against terrorism in Syria, wherever it is , and that Tillerson may convey to him "his country 's support to the process of Astana" and efforts to the settlement in Syria.