said a senior source at the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry, said that what happened from the pool and the attack on the Kuwaiti consulate building in Basra " is unacceptable and is unacceptable , " he said, adding that this will not pass unnoticed. " 

The newspaper" Al - Qabas "Kuwaiti , quoting official "The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry is working in coordination with its consulate in Basra to prepare a report on the incident, and to limit any damage to the consulate." 

The source said that "the gathering, which happened unfortunately was because of a speech by Sheikh Awazim Falah bin Jameh during the gathering, Basra with words that infuriated the Iraqis. "

He added that "the Sheikh of the tribe of Alawazat Falah bin Jameh has already apologized, to contain the crisis," noting that "the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry informed the Iraqi counterpart of all events, and that we are in constant contact to contain the crisis." 

A video clip that has spread over the past few days shows a Kuwaiti sheikh saying that the women of Basrah are dancers, and that Basra caused the corruption of the Kuwaiti society because it brought them dancers. In protest against the remarks of this Sheikh, which they considered an abuse of Iraqi women.