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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Delta and KTFA Members links and comments Tuesday PM 12-24-19


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Delta and KTFA Members links and comments Tuesday PM 12-24-19 Empty Delta and KTFA Members links and comments Tuesday PM 12-24-19

Post by rocky on Wed 25 Dec 2019, 3:39 pm

[size=30]Delta and KTFA Members links and comments Tuesday PM 12-24-19[/size]
DELTA:  We would like to inform our valued customers
Cash deposits will be suspended at all Branches of the Iraqi Bank of Commerce from Sunday, December 29, 2019 to conduct annual inventories.
These operations will resume from Sunday, January 05, 2020.
It was therefore necessary to note.
DELTA:  We would like to inform our valued customers
All Branches of the Iraqi Bank of Commerce will stop carrying out foreign remittances from Sunday, December 29, 2019 to conduct annual inventories.
The implementation of these transfers will resume from Sunday 5, 2020 
It was therefore necessary to note.
DELTA:  We would like to inform our valued customers
That cash withdrawals will be suspended at all Branches of the Iraqi Bank of Commerce from Thursday, December 26, 2019 to conduct annual inventories.
These operations will resume from Sunday, January 05, 2020.
So it's worth noting.
Rommy:  Meaning they are operating on a Jan 1 to Dec 31 fiscal year?  And since when don't banks already know their inventory?  IMO
Hammy14:  Three different announcements with each suspended for an entire week.  I could see suspension for a day maybe, but an entire week??  Something's up...
Boxman:  Sounds like end of year audit procedures to make certain the correct balances in the various accounts...a necessary step if you are to properly account for balances if you are do a different rate conversion..IMHO.

Delta:  Disclaimer: The PRICE OF THE dollar has now changed
*Islamic Spectrum Bank offers its valued customers a service to buy and sell foreign currencies at the best competitive prices supported, The price of the dollar may change
Rommy:  The price of the dollar may change or the value of the dinar may change?
Don961:  Privatization ... an effective tool for achieving economic reform
Tuesday 24 December 2019
Baghdad / Imad of the emirate
Privatization programs are one of the most important tools of economic reform, and their application is accompanied by a set of positive and non-positive economic effects, and the state can benefit from positive effects and develop them and overcome all the challenges that may appear during application, and use them to stimulate national production in light of the loud voices calling for the revival of the local industry that The citizen is looking for her seriously.
 Pros of privatization
Academician Dr. Abdul Karim Shingar said: "One of the advantages of privatization programs is the increase in domestic and foreign investments, in relation to local investment, private capital will invest in the purchase of public institutions, as savings turn to investment, which increases economic efficiency by producing goods at reasonable prices and high quality from Through the introduction of new methods of administrations and the purchase of production lines, and this is consistent with the voice of the Iraqi street in reviving the national product and the advancement of the Iraqi economy. "
He continued, "On the level of foreign investment, the state's financial deficit leads to attracting this type of investment that helps in the actual application of privatization by creating new job opportunities and increasing profit, and privatization programs lead to the stability of the country and improve its financial position by excluding the expenses it incurred in strengthening the institutions of the sector Year and an attempt to cover its losses, which limits inflation, as well as the country’s ability to obtain a return as a result of selling its institutions. ”
Organizational structures
Al-Issawi said that "privatization programs are working on an organizational reform process that covers both the organizational structures and regulations for the activities of productive institutions responsible for investment and financial and monetary policies and the enactment of legislation and laws for the growth and expansion of the private sector during a specific period, in addition to the development of markets that are the cornerstone of The success of privatization by providing an opportunity for foreign and local investors to buy and sell shares, and privatization programs reduce the cost of performance by reducing excess labor and work efficiency improves when decision makers feel the importance of work because they gave me the opportunity NOAA owners and shareholders process productivity, not to mention the technology that was non-existent. "
 Cons of privatization
He explained that "some confused international experiences must be used as a precaution, given the privatization that accompanied corruption in several countries, as narrow individual interests seized valuable assets and resources that were public property of the state and then were bought cheaply, and these became billionaires, for example in Russia The stolen assets amounted to $ 1500 billion, the costs of privatization that many elements of society are unwilling to pay because they benefit from existing social systems and are afraid to make changes to them as a result of the implementation. 
He pointed out, "The existence of new rules proposed by privatization, including increasing working hours and reducing the benefits that they were getting, and unemployment is one of the most important negative aspects of the application of privatization faced by the state due to its inability to create alternative job opportunities."
 Funding process
Dr. Al-Issawi pointed out, "The importance of having financial institutions concerned with the financing process needed by the transformation stage, as it requires providing the support that institutions need to restructure, maintenance expenses and replace assets before the transformation process and other expenses, which is a problem for the state that does not have the resources and has a large public sector."   LINK

Samson:  Peshmerga participates in a special ceremony in Paris
23rd December, 2019
A delegation from the Ministry of Peshmerga participated in the ceremony to light the torch of the unknown soldier in Paris.

At the invitation of the French government, the delegation of the Peshmerga Ministry participated in the ceremonies represented by lit the flame of the unknown soldier under the Arc de Triomphe in the French capital, Paris.

The flag of the Kurdistan Region was raised alongside the French flag in private ceremonies.LINK
Cleitus:  The Kurds are given respect like a sovereign nation..., isn't that something?
Samson:  Abdul Mahdi congratulates Christians on Christmas and hopes for unity and cohesion for the people
12/24/2019 13:36 
Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi congratulated the Iraqi people and Christians, especially on Christmas and New Year.
"We extend the most sincere congratulations and blessings to the sons of our dear Iraqi people, especially our brothers and partners in the homeland, Christian sisters and brothers on the occasion of Christmas and New Year which our people, fraternal spectra and all humanity celebrate, asking God Almighty to protect everyone and grant them control over Our people, in terms of security, stability, unity, cohesion, and achieving their legitimate aspirations, and for all of humanity, for the good and the peace, and Happy New Year.  LINK
The Qatari opposition reveals "Tamim" men inside Iraq ... to implement Iran's agenda  LINK
Moparman:  IMO   It has always been Iran that has stopped Iraq from implementing the reforms and purchasing power. This is why they are killing the citizens. Maliki is the front of all this evil. Iran is clearly using the auctions for their own gain.
This is how Rhouni can continue to speak with such arrogance and hate. Whatever sanctions that are imposed by the USA, it has not stopped the auctions and the auctions look as if they continue to grow. I think they are growing because Iran knows the end is near and they are getting what they can while they can.
This Iranian influence will destroy the Iraqi people if this is not dealt with. This is why the the US forces are moving in. this is all coming to an end very soon. Saleh must pick the prime Minister. I believe his delay is of course due to Iran.
The Iraqi people have made it well known who their picks are. Saleh knows this and yet continue's to stall the pick and I believe this is because he fears for his own life. If he doesn't pick a Prime Minister with Iranian influence, his life will be in danger.
If he doesn't pick a Prime Minister that the people want, his life could be in danger. I think he is waiting on the US to intervene to save his own neck. 
The people of Iraq just recently gave the GOI a week to meet their demands or the protests will get kicked up a notch. Over 500 Iraqi's have been murdered since the protests started. Protesters are burning down and bulldozing houses and buildings of Parliament members and those with Iranian influence.
 The demands of the protesters must be met or it is going to get a lot worse. Can you imagine what this is going to cost Iraq after all is done? Billions. 
I believe that the GOI and the CBI all want the citizens to have their purchasing power. It is only the corruption of the Iranians that has stalled this from day one. It was the Iranian influence that wanted Shabibi arrested when he wanted to change the rate in 2012 and is the same today. 
I agree with Frankie, Walkingstick, Delta and MM. That this is coming to an end. MM's post #25   Link spells it out pretty plainly and I believe is dead on along with Frankie's CC last night. If you haven't watched it, it is a must to see. Thanks Frankie!!
So, when you read that their are Iranian men inside of Iraq to implement Iran's agenda. This has been going on for years and this is why we have waited so long for our investment.
 Daddy's in town and the bull**** stops. Just read post #25 and listen to Frankie's CC last night and it will ease your minds and help you sleep better.

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