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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Delta, MilitiaMan and KTFA Members links, comments Saturday Afternoon 4-25-2020


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Delta, MilitiaMan and KTFA Members links, comments Saturday Afternoon 4-25-2020 Empty Delta, MilitiaMan and KTFA Members links, comments Saturday Afternoon 4-25-2020

Post by rocky on Sat 25 Apr 2020, 6:03 pm

[size=30]Delta, MilitiaMan and KTFA Members links, comments Saturday Afternoon 4-25-2020[/size]
To the Central Bank of Iraq.
It is your duty to follow up on a very important subject, which is when anyone transfers money from abroad to Iraq (in exchange for paying a transfer commission for this company), the Iraqi citizen is surprised to receive the transfer in dinars, not dollars, at a very low exchange rate and not at the official rate !!!!
Please follow up on this topic and explain the reasons that lead to the deduction of a large percentage of people's money !!!
BillA:  Thank you Delta......Would just love to know the exchange rate that was given... You know by, the official CBI.  Although this is from a Money Exchange Company...This transaction was performed by the CBI itself. Someone correct me if i'm wrong but, wouldn't it be against the law (International Law) for a CB to exchange outside of its' published buy/sell rate?

MilitiaMan:  I can see why you brought this in Delta and thank you brother!~ For to begin the explanation process is coming, for why the very low exchange rate. An explanation imo will come from them being shown the new value of the currency is to be greater now than in the past, therefore, the lower amount of physical or E-Dinars will be needed to fill purchases or payments in salaries. The higher the exchange rate is, the lower amount of currency is to be needed.
The interesting thing is yesterday we see the below mention from Basil Jamil Antoine an economist speaking out and reassuring people that, yes there is crisis, but, he explains that even during the crisis we have a fix for that, and already did it apparently.. (Emphasis below is mine in bold; i.e., passes(d).) Note that they use the reduction to an equation within respect to their salaries. They will need to know the reasons for the reduction, hence we have heard they will be getting training via video for the reasons, if it is not already out..
Now tie in the CBI Statistics site adding value to the ISX Index by over 1,000%. They added three zeros to the value, whereby, they told us by the CBI, own words that they have equilibrium, therefore, the reciprocal of that is to remove three zeros from the exchange rate. Hence, we now see them explaining to the street, to not worry and to allay any fears of being slighted. ~ MM
And Iraq enters for the third time in the crisis of forming the government after the letter of the resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to the presidency and the House of Representatives by leaving the position voluntarily with the collapse of world oil prices and its impact on the Iraqi economy, which some experts described as "a very dangerous quagmire that cannot be moved."
While the street is invading Iraq today, fears of circumvention to reduce employee salaries and increase deductions and taxes, due to the impact of low oil prices in order to reduce the deficit in the federal budget for 2020.

But economist Basil Jamil Antoine reassured through {Al Furat News} the Iraqi street by saying "Iraq has already If it passes(d) the reduction equation and who are covered and the other alternative, so that there are no interpretations from some people, they will reflect negatively on the life of the citizen. ",yyyy
MilitiaMan:  Then take a peek at this too.. They are to be using the e-dinar now and it will be issued by the government banks. All of this coming out prior to the ISX opening tomorrow and the curfews fading away.. Fairly sure this being put together this way and collectively, points to a very positive outcome. In fact the more they reduce the equation, the more positive it gets. lol. imo ~ MM
7 - The state imports commercial foodstuffs into the market and injects it into the ration program in the event of high prices. And activating the role of economic security and entering the competent government agencies to control the cash rhythm in the currency market and the markets for the sale of foodstuffs.
8 - Supporting fuel for transport and factories and giving high relative importance to Food industries .
9 - Pumping a hard currency to the exchange markets to maintain the price level of the Iraqi dinar, preventing the price from slipping so that its decrease exceeds 30 percent within two years.
10 - The Ministry of Finance issues the e-dinar for the purpose of collecting government revenues and fees due and what distinguishes them from being non-negotiable in the market as cash and thus we have reduced corruption in this aspect as well as the state's knowledge of the value of those imports quickly to be issued by a government bank and not through companies Eligibility.

 Don961:  Parliamentary Finance: Oil will not rise after the OPEC agreement, and Iraq must search for urgent alternatives
09:59 - 04/25/2020
 Information / Baghdad ..

Member of Parliamentary Finance Committee Ahmad Hama confirmed on Saturday that there are no indications of high oil prices immediately after the implementation of the OPEC agreement to reduce production by about 10 million barrels, indicating that the end of the Corona crisis is the only way to raise oil prices again.

Hama said in a statement to "Information", that "the global agreement to reduce oil production between OPEC and Russia to about 10 million barrels will not significantly affect global oil prices."

He added that "global demand decreased by about 75% of the total normal consumption due to the stopping of vehicles in tens of countries after the imposition of the curfew, as well as the stops of factories and companies of all transport sectors in the world."

He explained that "the only solution to the end of the oil price crisis and the return of markets to their previous era after the end of the Corona crisis with dependence on reducing production", noting that " Iraq Need an urgent economic recovery plan to save the country from a severe economic crisis and the consequences. ”Ended / 25D   LINK
Don961:  Legal expert if Al-Kazemi's government is rejected: The President of the Republic takes over the post after all attempts have been exhausted
Politics 04/25 2020 15:15 131 Editor: am   
Baghdad today - Baghdad
The legal expert, Hayan Al-Khayyat, confirmed on Saturday (April 25, 2020) that the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, would assume the position of Prime Minister in the event that the government of the Prime Minister-designate, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, was rejected under the dome of Parliament.
Al-Khayyat said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that "if Al-Kazimi fails to form a government, or is rejected by Parliament, the President of the Republic takes over as prime minister, and the person concerned to manage matters."
He added, "The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, is concerned with managing the presidency of the republic and the ministers at the same time, considering that Article 76 of the constitution specifies the mechanisms by which the candidate is assigned to form the government, and after he has exhausted all attempts that put us before the last solution, which is Barham Saleh's assumption of the mission ".
The cabinet of the Prime Minister-designate, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, whose government has been leaked to the media, faces rejection from most political parties, as well as demands from some other ministries for some ministries.
And on Friday, a political source reported that Shiite political blocs met with Prime Minister-designate Mustafa al-Kazemi to discuss the upcoming government booth.
The source said, in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that "the Shiite blocs began a short time ago (Friday evening) a meeting with Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi to discuss the government formation, in the presence of most political leaders in the home of the leader of the Fatah coalition, Hadi al-Amiri."
After that, the same source said that "the meeting that took place in the home of Hadi al-Amiri with the commissioner Mustafa al-Kazimi ended with the rejection of all the names of his cabinet, and it will be replaced, with some change of entitlement between the political blocs."
On Wednesday (24 April 2020), Baghdad Today, published the names of the cabinet cabinet of the Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi's proposed incomplete government .
An informed source said that the names of the infinite cabin names that Al-Kazemi presented during the meeting with 7 leaders of the Shiite component are :
Ministry of Planning candidate / Khaled Battal,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs candidate / Harith Hassan,
Ministry of Higher Education candidate / Ibrahim Bahr Al-Uloum,
 Ministry of Finance candidate / Fouad Hussein,  
Ministry of Justice candidate / Khaled Shwani,  
Ministry of Municipalities  candidate, Rizan Muhammad,
Ministry of Agriculture candidate / Muhammad Shiaa,
Oil Ministry candidate / Hisham Saleh Dawood
candidate for the Ministry of Water Resources / Jassem Muhammad Al-Asadi
candidate for the Ministry of Electricity / Adnan Al-Zorfi
candidate for the Ministry of Labor / Kazem Al-Sahlani
the candidate for the Ministry of Culture / Hashem Al-Shadidi
candidate for the Ministry of Interior / Muzahim Al-Tamimi
the candidate for the Ministry of Education / Muzahim Al-Khayyat and Falah Mahmoud Ahmed to choose one of them   LINK

Don961: Al-Kazemi agrees to change the candidates of {Foreign} and {youth}
Saturday 25 April 2020

Baghdad / Al-Sabah / Muhannad Abdul-Wahab and Hazem Muhammad Habib 
Prime Minister-designate Mustafa al-Kazimi continued his consultations with political forces and blocs, to overcome disputes over the sharing of ministerial portfolios, while names circulated by the media to the government cabinet quickly encountered protests from some Shiite forces that gave the "taxpayer" 48 hours to respond to their objections.
The representative of State of Law, Kata Najman al-Rikabi, told Al-Sabah: The Prime Minister-designate Mustafa al-Kazimi agreed to the demands of the Shiite blocs to change the names of candidates of some ministries, most notably youth and foreign affairs.
Al-Rikabi said that some of the names mentioned in the proposed government cabinet, which was presented by the Prime Minister-designate, were objected to by the Shiite blocs, which gave Al-Kazemi 48 hours to respond to the objections.
Al-Rikabi indicated that the Shiite blocs asked to change some candidates for the ministries, which are still disputed until now, expecting to vote on 15 candidates for the ministries in the parliament session likely to be held this week, after the differences were overcome on some of the candidates
For his part, Fadhel Jaber, a deputy from the Al-Fateh Alliance, confirmed that consultations are still taking place between the political forces and the Prime Minister-designate to fully mature the cabinet. 
Jaber added, in an interview with "Al-Sabah", that the political forces have different views on the candidates of the ministries, but what distinguishes these consultations is that there is a will to proceed with forming the government as soon as possible, and perhaps this will be this week, pointing to the existence of many files The pressure, including the economic and health file, stresses the need to accelerate the formation of a government with wide powers enabling it to deal with challenges.
Jaber called on the political blocs to support efforts to form a government through the consensus that emerged during the mandate of Prime Minister Al-Kazemi.
In addition, the representative of the Parliamentary Bloc of Wisdom Hassan Faddam told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the names mentioned in the proposed government booth were chosen by the Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi," noting that "the proposed booth is generally satisfactory and disputes about it can change it inside the House of Representatives. "
He stressed, “The Bloc of Wisdom has authorized the Prime Minister-designate to choose his cabinet himself, and has no intention of changing this authorization,” stressing that “his bloc has not nominated any name in Al-Kazemi’s government, and it is committed to authorizing it and supportive of the new government.”
He affirmed, "The importance of giving young people an opportunity to take government positions," explaining that "there are great youth competencies who are first in holding positions because of their experience in keeping pace with multiple Iraq conditions . "
While the spokesperson for the victory coalition, Ayat Muzaffar Nuri, confirmed to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the duty of the House of Representatives is to study the names proposed in terms of efficiency and integrity according to the time limit set forward for holding the voting session on the booth," calling on the political blocs to "not adhere to their electoral entitlement in exchange for go on forming the government. "
Nuri added that "the interim government awaits many of the crises that the country is going through now," noting that "the victory coalition gave the Prime Minister-designate full freedom in choosing his government, and what matters to him is the competence of the nominated personalities and the tasks assigned under these The critical stage. "
Nuri called on "Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi to represent youth and women in his government, so that they can be completed by all its aspects. "  LI
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