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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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MilitiaMan and KTFA Members Comments with article links Monday PM 4-6-2020


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MilitiaMan and KTFA Members Comments with article links Monday PM 4-6-2020 Empty MilitiaMan and KTFA Members Comments with article links Monday PM 4-6-2020

Post by rocky on Tue 07 Apr 2020, 3:25 am

[size=30]MilitiaMan and KTFA Members Comments with article links Monday PM 4-6-2020[/size]
DELTA:  In the context of the corona crisis and its associated cash crisis, a new currency-foreign exchange mechanism or tool should be adopted to support the banking and banking sector, as the central bank of Iraq has stopped selling the dollar in cash to the exchange companies through Banks,This mechanism is done by giving companies a foreign exchange by providing a statement of beneficiaries and the need for travel tickets, and then they make payments according to the customer's desire, either in cash or in the account balances of electronic cards to the public
MilitiaMan:  This sure looks like the MEETING went well today. They are talking about the NEW CURRENCY! A MECHANISM to support the Banking Sector that will be facilitated by use for electronic cards.. Wow, things are moving along now very nicely!!! imo ~ MM
Walkingstick:  It did .... more, from this meeting.. and others, coming.....Regards.....
ChrisC:  I sure hope we are finally there.  I am a VERY patient person, but I am feeling like strapping a donkey with a bunch of C4 and running it into Parliament.  If these guys had a gushing hole in the bottom of their boat in shark infested waters they would argue until the last one was eaten whose responsibility it is to plug the hole.  Maybe a robot donkey.

Deputy: The vote on the cabinet next week and the Zarfi government will pass by an overwhelming majority
6th April, 2020
MP Al-Nasr Falah Al-Khafaji, on Monday, suggested that the parliament session will hold a vote on the cabins of Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zorfi and pass it by an overwhelming majority, denying the existence of any agreement on an alternative candidate from the blocs opposing Al-Zorfi.
Al-Khafaji said in an interview with Al-Masala, that the mechanisms through which Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zorfi was entrusted are constitutional and legal mechanisms and can only be revoked through constitutional verses, which is setting a date for a session to vote with approval or rejection of the government booth and the government curriculum of the taxpayer.
Al-Khafaji added that Al-Zrafi submitted a request to hold a meeting to vote on the ministerial cabinet, which we expect to be next week to complete the preventive measures in light of the exceptional health conditions we are living in today due to the Corona epidemic.
Al-Khafaji added that all that is proposed about the agreement of the parties objecting to Al-Zarfi is an alternative candidate for him, are just attempts to pressure and mix the papers and there is no agreement until the moment on any candidate, stressing that the Zarfi government will pass by an overwhelming majority due to the clear desire of most of the representatives to change and bring in a strong and capable government To bring the country to safety in light of the current challenges.  
Samson:  Finance Minister: Closed meeting to fund Iraq in the face of Corona
04/6/2020 11:17:30
Finance Minister Fuad Hussein participated in a closed meeting aimed at financing Iraq in the face of the Corona pandemic.
Hussein said in a tweet on his Twitter account: "I participated in a meeting via closed-circuit television, to discuss the economic and financial situation and the implications of falling oil prices on the Iraqi economy and study some proposals to overcome the crisis."

Hussein added: "We also discussed the meeting in which the ambassadors of the United States and Britain and the representative of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund participated in addition to the Undersecretary of the Minister of Health, the Corona pandemic crisis and the steps taken to support the health sector in Iraq to contain this dangerous epidemic."   LINK
MilitiaMan:  Add this to what we were told and the parliament Given confidence to Z? Very very very nice to see!! Imo – MM

Samson:  The Trade Bank of Iraq issues an explanation regarding the work of ATMs
4/6/2020 16:36:23
 The Iraqi Trade Bank issued today, Monday, an explanation regarding the work of ATM machines.
The bank said in a statement, "All ATMs continue to operate around the clock in Baghdad and the provinces."   LINK
MilitiMan:  Timing of this one with the talk of a new Mechanism for electronic account balances.. I'll bet they will be reflecting the new currency too in short order.. imo ~ MM
Samson:  The US military is testing the Ceram defense system in Iraq
6th April, 2020
Iraqi security sources said today, Monday, that the American forces conducted at Ain Al-Assad base tests of the defense system "Ceram" with the participation of a drone.

The American forces said today, Monday, that an armed force affiliated with them, conducted a live ammunition exercise using the "M770 howitzer" at Ein Al-Assad base in Al-Anbar Governorate in western Iraq, adding that the military exercise came by using a supposed pilot plane.

This exercise comes days after the American army installed the "Patriot" missile system at Ain al-Assad base in Anbar, 200 km west of Baghdad, to uncover potential missile attacks that it might be subjected to.  LINK
Samson:  Corona Virus Committee in Tehran: the virus is sweeping the capital
6th April, 2020
The head of the Corona Virus Control Committee in Tehran, Ali Reza Zali, has announced that the outbreak of corona in the capital has gone out of control and the results cannot be expected.
Zali said in a press statement today, Monday, that the CorOna virus entered the epidemic stage in the Iranian capital, Tehran. He explained that the increase in the wave of infections more with the Corona virus in Tehran, makes it not possible to expect results.
He added that the health status entered by Tehran is due to a lack of respect for the warnings that we have made over the past days, and that the authorities have not yet reached the stage of controlling Corona in Tehran, but that the casualties are increasing daily. LINK

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