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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Venezuela: the United States and Saudi Arabia, "thwarted" the Doha meeting


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Venezuela: the United States and Saudi Arabia, "thwarted" the Doha meeting

Post by rocky on Wed 20 Apr 2016, 6:38 am

Venezuela: the United States and Saudi Arabia, "thwarted" the Doha meeting


Venezuelan Oil Minister "Aaolockheo Dilpino", on Tuesday, unveiled intense pressure from the United States and Saudi Arabia, to derail the Doha-oil deal.
And Nlguet "Russia Today," the minister as saying that "Washington, was one of the main reasons that led to the failure of producers within the" OPEC "on and off, in reaching agreement on the installation of oil production in Doha on Sunday."
Dilpino told reporters, "The United States has exercised pressure. Has a problem with Venezuela and Russia, do it for political reasons and ignore the suffering of its people, ask any oil company in the United States, all the companies very upset because of what happened Sunday."
In a related context, the Venezuelan minister stressed that "confidence within the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries" OPEC ", were badly damaged, after reaching an agreement to freeze oil production levels over the failure of the Doha meeting."
He held Dilpino responsibility for Riyadh as well, where he said: "I think that Saudi Arabia is the reason for the failure, adding that it generates has the impression that the Saudi delegation including Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi were not they have the authority to decide on anything because they were working under strict instructions from Riyadh."
And the holding of the Doha meeting on Sunday, nearly two months after Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela and Qatar's agreement to freeze production at January levels, provided that other big producers commitment, but the differences and competition for market share between Riyadh and Tehran have caused the failure to reach the dashed hopes of an agreement investors and Hui oil prices after the end of the meeting.
Iran has announced that it will not sign the agreement provides for the freezing of production because they want to take advantage of the newly returning to the market after years of international sanctions over its nuclear program.

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Re: Venezuela: the United States and Saudi Arabia, "thwarted" the Doha meeting

Post by wciappetta on Wed 20 Apr 2016, 7:51 am

yeah we will see how fragile that alliance of the two are after the 9-11 bill passes the Congress....

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