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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Russia .. safe haven for investors!


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Russia .. safe haven for investors!

Post by rocky on Thu 30 Jun 2016, 5:35 am

[size=30]Russia .. safe haven for investors![/size]
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Direction Press / Agencies
In light of the sharp volatility in the markets after Britain a referendum which resulted in the exit from the European Union, headed by investors focused their search for a safe haven towards emerging economies such as Russia.
And published by the agency "Bloomberg" recently published an article under the title of "safe haven resides in Moscow and Rio in light of market volatility after Brixt", in reference to emerging economies such as Russia and Brazil are attracting investors. And based on the agency involved in the economic and commercial affairs in her essay for analysts and experts polled.
Said Sergei Strigo, head of emerging market debt department in the company , " Amundi Asset OnManagement ", which manages an investment portfolio worth a trillion dollars: "You can be sure that some of the emerging markets is much safer than the developed world."
Strigo pointed out that the company is studying the issue of the purchase of Russian and Brazilian bonds denominated in foreign currency, as well as the acquisition of assets in Mexico and Argentina.
The results of the vote were in Britain in June 23 win camp "out" of the European Union, increased by 51.9%, versus 48.1% of the vote to stay fit. The result was a surprise vote for many investors, which led to the emergence of uncertainty in the markets resulted in sharp fluctuations.
Under the new changes, Strigo posted his view of this, the bank "BNP Paribas Investment Investment Partners," while analysts "Societe Generale" said the bonds denominated in the currency of the Russian ruble has become a haven for many investors after the "Brixt."
In turn, Yuri Tolenov head of research at Bank said, "Ross Bank", one operating in the Russian market banks: "The uncertainty that hung over the markets have shown that it is better to stay away from European assets and the trend towards emerging markets, including Russia," referring to the Russian currency, "ruble" has become attractive to investors.
According to the head of research at "Ashmore Group," Jean-fat the Western sanctions imposed on Moscow have made Russia more attractive in the eyes of investors, he said economist told "Bloomberg" Global: "Ironically, contributed to Western sanctions in the protection of Russia, as actuated not to rely on the European or American banks. "
After British voters the option to get out of the European Union, the international agencies, a "Standard & Poor's" and "Fitch" and "Moody's" to reduce the credit rating of Britain, referring to the presence of risk.
The agency "S & P" to "suspicion" that resulted from the referendum, saying that it expects a "political atmosphere does not allow to speculate Pttoradtha and less stable and less effective" in the coming months.
She said, "S & P" The decision is also based on the "risk of deterioration of the possibilities of access to the financial market of the United Kingdom, as well as" constitutional problems "that will be raised.
While the agency "Fitch" expects a significant slowdown in the growth of the country, with negative prospects, the agency said: "uncertainty following the outcome of the referendum will lead to a significant slowdown of growth in the short term."
And grades determined by the credit rating agencies are testimony to the rich, dictate the terms under which companies and countries borrow in the capital markets. As far as class is low is the interest rate demanded bycreditors is high. The sa

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