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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Commander Abbas Band: edit Bashir priority .. and the role of the crowd is not a required level



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Commander Abbas Band: edit Bashir priority .. and the role of the crowd is not a required level

Post by rocky on Mon 18 Apr 2016, 3:30 am

Commander Abbas Band: edit Bashir priority .. and the role of the crowd is not a required level

 Kirkuk / long-Presse 

Criticized the leadership of Abbas band a species popular crowd, on Sunday, "slow" edit Reed Bashir operations, south of Kirkuk, as attributed the reasons to the lack ofcoordination between the central government and the Peshmerga forces, confirmed that the liberalization Bashir Aoloyatna.oukal Maitham al - Zaidi issue, the supervisor of the band Abbas combat, during a press conference in Taza, south of Kirkuk, attended (range Press), " the fulfillment of the Covenant for the Liberation of stubble Bashir is taking place slowly ,where it carried out , including three stages, the former editor of Tel Ahmed strategic, and the second edit the west side of the village of Bashir, and the third is the impulse behind enemy lines , "noting that" theleadership of the band is the media is the fourth power and a partner in the victories . "he added Zaidi said" formations Abbas squad operating coordinated with the Iraqi government and operations and joint body thepopular crowd and the Peshmerga forces , "adding that" we have Coordination in the process with the joint Special operations command , which supports us with a high level and provide the necessary support inaddition to the leadership of the Tigris operations , which the band released within Qguataha and provided thenecessary support to us , ".wantkd supervisor Abbas band" slow editing operations for reed Bashir despite thereference directives need to accelerate the liberalization Bashir " he expressed his concern that "not be 2016 years old and there Daash in Iraq ends just in case the military processes going this slow pace" he pointed Zaidi that "edit rod issue Bashir of our priorities and our forces resisting this issue and got a lot of rumors and we would like to show it delayed the process accomplish a lot and this came to a number of reasons and themain reason is that the Turkmen oppressed over time and that we saw through the issue of Bashir ,"stressing that" the other reason is the weakness of the security coordination between the central government and the Peshmerga forces . "and al - Zaidi" we hope the Prime Minister Haider Abadi to be more forceful in the liberation of Bashir issue, in addition to that body the popular crowd did not have to attend the required level , "stressing saying that" the process of liberalization is going on according to set her plans and the village of Bashir will return to the embrace of the nation in the near future . "in a related context He said thesupervisor of the Al - Abbas band that "Taza was struck by a missile and chemical gases by Daash gangs, March 9 , 2016 and we have a lintel on the official authorities and international organizations because they did not send official delegations to this city commensurate with the magnitude of the suffering was the area declared a disaster area," explaining that "civil society organizations and humanitarian organizations did not have this active role in this city." 
He said Zaidi that "missile force of the band managed to injury twice to gangs of terrorist Daash in hand Rashad (45 km ) south of Kirkuk city, the first is a terminal and storage tanks fuel, and other weapons ofammunition hidden stores , "noting that" the operation was carried out by two missiles far - reaching, and thesound of explosions and the escalation of the flames was still going in the signatories' .otoad military official as " the burning of any area where there are Daash gangs and threaten military units and civilians in Kirkuk "asserting that" the Hawija (55 km west of the city of Kirkuk) will be the next target of the strength of therocket of the band, in cooperation with the Peshmerga forces. " 
the new band, the Abbasid threshold commander" call civilians to stay away from gatherings Daash and theheadquarters of the organization in order to preserve their lives. " 
to therefore, a security source in Kirkuk province, Saturday, that the Iraqi Sukhoi jets destroyed a bridge used by al (Daash) for the supply of headquarters, South Bashir village, south of Kirkuk (250 km north of Baghdad) . He said the source in an interview with (long - Presse) " The Sukhoi jets directed at noon today, an air strike targeted a bridge supply to regulate (Daash), south of Bashir village, south of Kirkuk, leaving completely destroyed . " He added the source, who asked not to be named, said : "Sukhoi aircraft was also able to destroy the headquarters and control in the same region , "adding that" the bombing was based on information from the Directorate of military intelligence. "

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