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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US site: edit Fallujah will be easier to restore gray



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US site: edit Fallujah will be easier to restore gray

Post by rocky on Wed 25 May 2016, 3:33 am

US site: edit Fallujah will be easier to restore gray

 translation term 

Provide the Iraqi army and the forces of thepopular crowd, on Monday for the Liberation of the city of Fallujah from Daash, at a time when being carried out air strikes seen byofficials necessary to prevent attacks by Muslhon.tattabr edit Fallujah task of complex tasks. According to reports from parents who are still residents that the extremist group hostages civilians as human shields reserves within the city. City besieged by the army and popular crowd which cut supplies and reinforcements Daash, as Askrien.oukal Akram al - Kaabi officials, President nujaba movement to participate in the battle of Fallujah ,"stresses the popular crowd forces and security forces grip on Fallujah, and we are moving quickly towards the city . " He said the team Abdulwahab Saadi, commander of the Fallujah operation, said the army regained a hospital outside the city , "We rush steadily and soon we will capture on the main road north of the city."According to the statement the popular crowd, who shared by forty major factions, "We are in control of the southern tip of the Garma area , and we have succeeded in isolating it from Fallujah" . Also killed by heavy artillery and air strikes, carried out by the Iraqi air force, many members of Daash, according to Rajah Barakat Member Alonbar.ouma Provincial Council begin the battle of Fallujah is still thousands of people trapped inthem. Barakat said , "We have to secure safe passage for the people." Previously the government had called on the people of the city, on Sunday, before the start of the attack to raise white flags on their homes. But with that said , the besiegers that Daash impose a curfew and move a lot of people into the city center to use them as human shields and preventing civilians from leaving the city and threatened to kill anyone who tries it.The United Nations last month that the extremists killed the people who tried to leave the city, but from where he remained face a shortage of food and medicine. 
Iraqi officials have said they are taking this situation into consideration, and Barakat said , "We have decided to make it a battle of the least damage on the infrastructure because we are keen to protect civilians " .However, it has managed dozens of families who inhabit the outskirts of the city to escape the asylum to theIraqi army, according to the operations center Almstrkh.omn expected a statement to be easier than thebattle of Fallujah battle restore long gray, because the city Daash grip has slackened as a result of air strikes .He said Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi "Daash collapse in Fallujah as the authority over the people had vanished, and we will achieve victory soon." According to local police, in a statement, he said the Daash monument inhibitors and barriers to be removed before entry of ground forces into the city, "We are facing avery stiff resistance, where we have a lot of traps and devices that make progress difficult treatment." 
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