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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Unexpected uprising in Sharqat .. and Baiji receives five thousand displaced people



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Unexpected uprising in Sharqat .. and Baiji receives five thousand displaced people

Post by rocky on Tue 28 Jun 2016, 3:56 am

Unexpected uprising in Sharqat .. and Baiji receives five thousand displaced people

 Salahuddin / long-Presse 

Assured military leaders, on Monday, that the"great victory" against Daash in the district ofSharqat is near, and predicted the outbreak of the popular uprising against the organization within the judiciary. 
While the Council of Salahuddin province , revealed the high number of displaced people from the judiciary and turned it into more than five thousand people , called for the provision of humanitarian services to them and provide a platform for "rehabilitation." 
announced the commander of Salahuddin operations Lt. Gen. Juma stubbornness, that the joint forces separated by 20 km from the spend Sharqat center. 
he 's intransigence in an interview (range Press), " the joint forces reached limits Tlul Alpag (20 west to spend Sharqat km) since the start of liberalization regions operations north of the Salah al - Din , "pointing to" equip 200 members of the families of the weapons and gear, uniforms, a prelude to holding the ground with two regiments of the local police after the liberation of the entire side ", describing the process by "Flash." 
He said the commander of Salahuddin the operations "joint security forces have achieved great results on theground, managed to destroy 30 wheel bomb belonging to Daash during the course of the fighting , " noting that "two wheels bombs exploded on military convoys , killing eight soldiers and wounding 20 others were injured, and destroyed two tanks. " in 
turn, Maj . Gen. Maan al - Saadi, commander of the second division to a counter - terrorism said in aninterview to the (long - Presse), the arrival of the joint forces to the southern border of hand Tlul Alpag, noting that" the forces were able to destroy the lines Denial established organization Daash on the highway that. " 
Saadi added that" the organization Daash tried to take advantage of the eastward Makhoul mountain range and sandy west dunes to impede the progress of the joint forces towards spend Sharqat, as well as improvised explosive devices and tunnels fields, but the forces continuing progress after destroying fortifications , "asserting that" victory great Pat soon thanks to the will of the fighters and their determination to win. " 
He expected the military official , " the outbreak of a popular revolt against al Daash in the district of Sharqat after the confidence enjoyed by the joint forces of the people of the judiciary , "stressing that" the sons of thejudiciary are tired of contempt they suffer under the rule of Daash, and would like to return to the bosom of the nation. " 
for his part , the commander of Iraqi ground forces , Lt. Gen. Riyadh Jalal said in an interview to the (long -Presse), said that" strict commandments issued fighters humanitarian deal with the parents during theliberation operations ", stressing that " the security forces will tighten scrutiny procedures for not allowing theinfiltration of criminals." in 
turn chairman Salahuddin Ahmed Karim province, he said in an interview to the (long - Presse) that " thenumber of displaced people coming to the Baiji spend Sharqat and neighboring areas has risen to more thanfive thousand people . " noting that " the displaced people in need of humanitarian services and qualification program to return them to normal." 
said Karim, that "what I observed of interest from fighters to civilians and the needs of the displaced is anhonorable photo , " and urged the concerned institutions as the "interest of displaced persons and provide fortheir needs and rehabilitation after dark life He lived for nearly two years. "

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