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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Army frees his "wheel" strategy and repels a strong attack to Daash on wet



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Army frees his "wheel" strategy and repels a strong attack to Daash on wet

Post by rocky on Tue 19 Jul 2016, 3:33 am

Army frees his "wheel" strategy and repels a strong attack to Daash on wet

 Baghdad / term 

Iraqi forces retook the town cupboard strategic near Haditha, also responded to anattack by the organization Daash on wet city, according to security sources reported on Monday. 
A statement of the Joint Special Operations Command that elements of the "seventh division and a brigade of commandos island and Regiment 16 of the Anbar police and the crowd clan , liberated the cupboard area and surrounding villages full of Daash terrorist elements. " 
the town is a stronghold of Daash suicide bombers who have waged a continuous attacks on Haditha andnearby areas. Modern and is located to the west of the city of Ramadi (100 km west of Baghdad). 
The statement stressed that " the force raised the Iraqi flag over it and secured the southern bank of theEuphrates River from modern to Ramadi after he killed 69 terrorists." In 
turn, the seventh division commander , said Army Maj . Gen. Naumann Abdalzubaa " The army troops managed backed tribal fighters of the liberation of the entire wheel area, located to the west of Hit 70km west of Ramadi, al Daash and took control of it completely , " adding that " the region was the last strongholds Daash near Hit." 
managed forces from bombing three wheels bomb driven by suicide bombers and dozens of improvised explosive devices and the dismantling of 500 bomb planted by militants Daash in roads and houses andgovernment headquarters, according to Zobaie. 
as Iraqi forces managed to regain control of the villages of eastern and Jnanah and the pellet and the attic and questionable and Agriculture Dwylibh, surrounding cupboard area, according to the source. on 
the other hand Iraqi security forces responded to a large attack by organizing Daash to target the humid city, west of Ramadi, killed during which three of the security forces. 
a senior army officer said "elements Daash launched Monday morning attack of the four axes on wet city center" which recovered from the control of the organization two months ago. 
Brigadier Aziz Khalaf Trmoz, security adviser to the governor of Anbar province, said that "the fighters of tribal security forces clashed with elements Daash and were able to thwart the attack and killed a number of militants , including two suicide bombers wearing explosive belts." 
He Trmoz that "a suicide car attack bomb attack inside the humid city , killing three police recruits and wounded five civilians were injured. " 
located wetland overrun by jihadists in June 2014 western Anbar province , near the main road to Jordan. 
Iraqi forces managed backed coalition forces to regain control of most of the Anbar province , areas, thelargest of the Iraqi provinces of space and shares borders with Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. 
, the source said in the Anbar operations command, the murder of Mufti Forensic Rawa in organizing Daash and four of his aides by the aerial bombardment of the army Aviation center of the judiciary. 
the source said in an interview (range Press), " the Iraqi army Aviation face air strike targeted a gathering of the organization Daash, amid spend Rawa (170 km west of Anbar), which killed Mufti legitimate organization in Rawa called Abu Hagar and four of his aides." 
the source added that " the air strike also resulted in the destruction of four - wheeled kind Dossrih carrying arocket launcher and a machine gun unilateral type number two and the other carrying amounts of ammunition, rockets and mortars. " by 
contrast, the Council based spend detection, that al Daash holding 20 thousand families for taking human shields in the existing judiciary, Western Anbar, based Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad), as pointed out that the organization threatened to kill anyone who tries to escape from justice. Said Nazim Bardan, Chairman of the district council based in Anbar province, in an interview with (long - Presse), " The organization Daash holding 20 thousand civilian families inside the border - based Justice (440 km west of Ramadi), for taking human shields after the control of the judiciary for more than two years . " noting that " the people - based spend repeatedly tried to escape from the control of the terrorist organization , which prevent out any civilians and threatened to kill those who try to get out of the judiciary." 
Bardan said that "there are dozens of civilians have been killed by al Daash while trying to escape from thegrip of the organization in the existing during the past period , "adding that" local - based government demanded that the central government on the urgent need to clean up judiciary and the evacuation ofinnocent civilians. "

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