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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Foreign Policy: Erdogan's intervention in Mosul to try to rebuild the distorted picture of his army



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Foreign Policy: Erdogan's intervention in Mosul to try to rebuild the distorted picture of his army

Post by rocky on Sat 15 Oct 2016, 3:48 am

Foreign Policy: Erdogan's intervention in Mosul to try to rebuild the distorted picture of his army

 Translation: Ahmed Alaa 

Weeks of the readiness of Iraqi forces to storm the city of Mosul before, unexpected obstacles emerged, is that Turkey wants to go into the planned launch of war, and refuses todo so to withdraw its troops from Iraq, despite the recent threats. 
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he appeared inter comments in response to the invitation of thePrime Minister Iraqi Haider al - Abadi, the Turkish side to withdraw its troops from the country when he said of Ebadi , "We do not take orders from you." the 
Turkish presence in Iraq is not new, there are about 2,000 Turkish soldiers and ten tanks located at a base near Mosul. 
Erdogan said , "We will participate in the liberation of Mosul process , which is our business, and we'll be in soon , "as well as addressing Abadi tone lacked diplomacy" you are not a match for me, and I'm not from my level. " He adds Turkish President : "We do not need permission from the one to get what we want." 
Apparently, Turkey is worried about the post - Daesh in Mosul, arguing that the Iraqi government will be unable to the return of the Sunni population of the city, under Kurdish control areas the surrounding county. 
this comes tension between the Iraqi and Turkish sides at a critical time, Valebadi struggling Parliament twitchy to move forward in the reform, at a time when President Erdogan to continue the wage arrest warrant officers and officials believed to be involved masterminding the failed coup last July campaigns, the existence of Erdogan military in Mosul, is only a picture to show the military efficiency of the army. 
he says Gonul Toole, director of the Middle East Institute of Turkish Studies , which describes the mobility of the Turkish President , "this president is trying to put pressure on the military foundation more than bears, external and internal, the last Valsaid intended to re shaky military image building, after filling Turkish prisons thousands of generals, as well as fighting continued Kurdish rebellion in the south. externally, it was found Erdogan golden opportunity to him in the deployment of troops in Iraq and northern Syria. " 
it remains the Turkish official justification for the presence in Iraq, is to train tribal fighters Sunnis to confront Daesh, in response to the presence of armed Shiite groups. 
He continues Director tulle "Turkey is trying to persuade the United States, they do not need for the Kurds, but Ankara will not withstand this long." 
battle between Baghdad and Ankara, erupted late last month, after the Turkish parliament voted to extend the the stay of Turkish troops for another year. As the Iraqi parliament moves through a request by the United Nations to discuss the issue of Turkish military presence in the country, describing the military presence as "blatant violation" of Iraqi sovereignty. 
The Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim ignored Prime Minister al - Abadi 's remarks by saying : "We areworking regardless of what he says Baghdad. " It is this statement, Turkey wants to make sure that the post - Daesh stage in Mosul, it would be to demographic change or not, according to American officials. Yildirim said : "If anyone tried, changing demographics in Mosul, a major sectarian war is bound to erupt."

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