BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq parliamentary finance committee revealed Tuesday that Iraq 's budget loses annually about three billion dollars as a result of "looting" oil province of Basra, calling for holding a meeting of the Finance Committee and the Committee on oil and energy parliamentary with the Oil Ministry to discuss the matter and the formation of a committee to investigate Alhakaiq.oukal Committee member Masood Haider in a press statement today: " the subject of the theft of oil in Basra is not new and was talking him with former oil minister Adel Abdul Mahdi , the beginning of 2015 , and acknowledged then the minister , " pointing out that " the work of the Ministry of oil and must be controlled . "he added Haidar, that" we appreciate if we take looting rates, which is 200 thousand barrels per day and is priced at $ 40, it would cost the Iraqi state budget of about three billion US dollars annually , "stressing that" the South oil company is the great responsibility and must director contributes significantly to reveal the facts and if those overworked can give us . "He called Haider presidency of the parliamentary finance committee and the presidency of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary information to" hold a meeting with the Federal oil Ministry to discuss the matter and the formation of a committee to investigate the facts , "noting that" subject within the jurisdiction of the energy Committee , but that as long as its financial bush , we are ready to cooperate in order to uncover the truth. "