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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Trump cancels a historic deal Obama held with Cuba


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Trump cancels a historic deal Obama held with Cuba

Post by rocky on Sun 18 Jun 2017, 3:16 am

Trump cancels a historic deal Obama held with Cuba

 and Hantn / O.v.b- Sky News

US President Donald Trump face a new blow to his predecessor , Barack Obama, on Friday, when the agreement signed by Washington and Havana canceled the end of 2014 , condemning the immediate effect of the Miami nature of the "brutal" regime of Castro.
He denounced in a speech the agreement reached by his predecessor , Barack Obama , saying that he "does not help Cubans but enhance the system." In the presentation of the new policy towards Cuba in a speech in Miami Trump signed a presidential order to cancel parts of the historic opening of Obama was carried out with the communist state after a diplomatic breakthrough in 2014 between the two countries , which were enemies in the Cold War. But Trump left many of the changes approved by Obama, including the reopening of the US embassy in Havana despite the show that it fulfills a promise during his campaign to pursue a tougher policy toward Cuba , especially because of its human rights record. Trump said, in front of a crowd in the area (Little Havana) in Miami attended by Republican Senator Marco Rubio from Florida , who helped in the drafting of the new restrictions on Cuba "will not be silent in the face of Communist oppression anymore." "I canceled with immediate effect of the previous administration 's unilateral agreement side fully with Cuba" launched a verbal attack on the Cuban President Raul Castro 's government. The new policy calls for Trump to tighten the travel ban on Americans to Cuba for tourism and seeks to prevent the flow of US dollars on what it considers Trump managing a repressive government dominated by the military. But in the face of pressure from US companies and some Republicans to avoid completely back about improving relations with Cuba , the president decided to leave some of the steps taken by his predecessor towards the normalization of relations.
The new policy bans most US companies transactions with the work of the Armed Forces Group , a huge Cuban group is involved in all sectors of the economy. But US officials said it allows some exceptions, including air and sea travel , which protects US air and sea transport companies working with Cuba. Trump said , "We do not want US dollars to support the monopoly of the army exploits the citizens of Cuba and mistreating them , " vowing not to raise US sanctions before the release of political prisoners and the holding of free elections.
"It 's hard to think of a less rational than the previous administration terrible and misguided policy agreement with the Castro regime , " referring to the lack of agreement concluded by Obama to concessions from Cuba on human rights.
The President called on the Trump Administration on Friday the international community to support his bid to renew sanctions against Cuba and said that improved relations with Havana in the future depends on the steps taken "concrete" on the path of political and economic reforms.
For its part, the Government of Cuba has denounced the new measures taken by Trump to tighten the blockade on the island, saying it «setback» US - Cuban relations and it will not weaken the revolution. The government confirmed in a statement , reiterated its willingness «to continue respectful dialogue and cooperation on issues of common concern».

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