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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The role of private banks in the development


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The role of private banks in the development

Post by rocky on Mon 28 Aug 2017, 11:53 am

The role of private banks in the development

August 27, 2017

Over Iraq at the present time stage difficult affected directly and heavily on the economic movement in all its details, which led to the turmoil and the deterioration of the living conditions of the Iraqi individuals when the draw by the security situation repercussions negative on the backbone of life and Almtthelh economy during the current stage, prompting specialists the financial aspect to guide the proportion of resources which supports national security and the military side, which is subject to the initial and the reluctance of the construction and development process in other key areas of direct contact with the lives of ordinary citizens such as infrastructure, industrial and agricultural, housing, education, health and transport sectors And other services, and is because the limited sources of revenue and primary funding for the country which is oil, which is going through at the present time, a state of volatility and falling prices ... The national sense and a sense of responsibility towards Iraq's land "and the people" requires a serious stand by the competent authorities and economic areas in support of economic work and institutions and the process of economic reforms in all sectors aimed at achieving economic development. From this perspective, the private banks sector represents an integrated structure of the required resources and within a geographical area and wide through its branches inside and outside Iraq. That the quality of the approved resources have whether material or human in addition to reliance on advanced mechanisms in the field of information technology, which helps in the speed of access to the information required and accurately reflect the true image of the support provided by the private banking sector, represented by the banking department in the area of ​​the surrounding circumstances and Altsihlat of all kinds and enable management of private banks to follow the stages of the performance of the operations and banking services periodically close periods to determine the quality of performance and diagnose the defect points and maintain the principle of balance things are going in without delay or stop. In my turn, and watching the course of things and the relationship between leadership in the banking centers and found that there are banks have the ability to contribute to the support of the Iraqi economic process path and contribute to the process of construction and investment in all areas due to the ability to defuse Alfjoy Cairo and the eradication of these banks have been attracting many foreign and national companies to contribute to the efficient investment process and to bring capital from abroad into the country to help by opening other new sources of financing and economic expansion of the Iraqi market. The private banks which are considered the most important economic sectors and retaining the work of the government and upgrading the standard of living of the community, therefore, competent authorities and sectoral-based implementation of the development strategy should take into account the important role of the banking sector to be supportive "key" partner "key" in the strategy of the government and directing capital in construction process . Fethiye for decision-makers in the direction and leadership of the people who are working secretly to take the high banks of civil and correction of the march.

Salah Hassan

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