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Employment as a goal in the National Development Strategy


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Employment as a goal in the National Development Strategy Empty Employment as a goal in the National Development Strategy

Post by rocky on Sun 10 Nov 2019, 3:56 am

Employment as a goal in the National Development Strategy

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Sunday 10 November 2019

Baghdad/ Emad Al-Principala
There is still the possibility of creating jobs that are compatible with the educational and ageing levels of the unemployed forces, with women's participation in economic activity, these measures can be activated by developing institutional capacity and making employment a target in the national development strategy.
Labour market
"It is essential to develop the institutional capacity to monitor labour market developments, propose appropriate policy responses and adopt a macroeconomic framework that encourages domestic investment and the development of labour-intensive smEs, particularly in the industrial and service sectors, investing in skills development and developing a training system that suits employment and the need of the labour market to develop a diversified and competitive economy," said Dr. Ahmed Al Rawi, a member of the Center for Arab and International Studies.
Enterprise development
"Promoting the growth of SMEs through reformof the political and regulatory environment, providing micro-enterprise development and finance services, encouraging entrepreneurship among young people, and promoting women's economic empowerment and linking large and medium-sized enterprises," he said.
"The national economy faces many major challenges, including the significant decline in modest economic activities in exchange for total dependence on oil revenues, which created an imbalance in the labor market for the inability to create decent jobs, and the great destruction of most industrial facilities," he said. Narrative projects and infrastructure in terrorist-controlled areas, which added a major challenge to the possibility of re-economic activity in those areas, as well as security and political instability created the inability to stimulate investment, as well as the flight of national capital outside the country. ".
Structural deformation
"The refore, the country's labour market is characterized by a combination of characteristics that have made it suffer from structural imbalances and distortions, particularly between labour supply and demand, which is evidenced by the high labour supply rate as a result of the high population rate. The public sector accounted for the bulk of the job stock offered against the limited opportunities offered by the private sector, as a result of the decline in the latter's activity and the flight of national capital outside Iraq due to non-financial conditions
"There is an imbalance in the structure of the labour force in terms of levels of education and training and its incompatibility with the requirements of the labour market, as well as an imbalance in public-private wage rates, after wages in the private sector were high compared to public sector wages before 2003, the picture was reflected in favour of public sector wages after the rise in salaries and wages," he said.
"The levels of competence and training in the workforce are low because of the decline in the information that young people learn during school and not working for many years, as well as poor levels of training in all formal and private institutions," he said.
In the same context, Dr. Amr Hisham pointed out that successive governments have conducted surveys on the extent of unemployment in Iraq, but the digital indicators from these surveys may not reflect the reality because these surveys do not cover Iraqi society, and their reliance on samples may not represent the reality of the phenomenon, so we find estimates of international organizations and exploratory studies indicating the weakness of the ratios published by the Ministry of Planning.

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