Baghdad / Iraq News Network revealed Deputy for the Shiite alliance, why he did not complete the vote on the draft budget for fiscal 2017 Act which lasted late at night Alohd.oukalt Huda carpets instatement today: " The House of Representatives was unable to complete the pass budget law fully due to the withdrawal of deputies other blocs in protest at the Sunni representation in the form of the popular crowd , ".ookdt" We refuse to determine the percentage of any component the others , they insist on determining the proportion of 35% and split the crowd ratios and components, we will not allow to pass such a rule. " the House of Representatives yesterday decided to postpone the completion of the vote on the budget materials in its day to evening Alatnin.ousot parliament on the majority of materials amid a dispute over the salaries of the Peshmerga withdrawal of the Democratic party bloc Alcardstani.oatolv draft 2017 budget law to 48 with the addition of the parliament's 15 Okhry.otkdr revenues budget amounting to more than 79 trillion dinars, while an amount of 100 trillion dinars for the expenses of the fiscal year 2017, while the total planned budget deficit amounted to 21 trillion dinars.