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Secrets of the return of Saddam Hussein to the Iraqi street


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Secrets of the return of Saddam Hussein to the Iraqi street Empty Secrets of the return of Saddam Hussein to the Iraqi street

Post by rocky on Thu 18 Jul 2019, 6:16 am

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[size=55][size=35]Secrets of the return of Saddam Hussein to the Iraqi street

  • [ltr] July 18, 2019 -[/ltr]

  BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Several protests in Iraqi cities last week hailed cheers for Saddam Hussein's regime and activists posted several cartoons showing slogans, posters and posters calling for the return of war-torn Iraq and poverty and hunger.[/size]
The most prominent chants in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, according to video from the area of ​​Dolai, shouting "with the spirit of blood, we need you Saddam," after the local authorities to remove some random shops from that region, and in a demonstration in the Algerian region in the province of Basra Petroleum, spread a video of the demonstrators night and chanting Same logo.
Kirkuk was not absent from the scene, where a video was also distributed to a woman during a demonstration called by the Arab forces in the city, saying, "We are the Baath, we are Saddamists and God, Iraq, what we give." This demonstration was in protest against the appointment of Kurds as a new governor of the province .
Observers believe that these scenes and events are a small part of the Iraqi public opinion, which was plunged into power in a sea of ​​daily intransigence, a form of nostalgia for the time of Saddam Hussein, not only a particular sect, where the people of Basra for months protesting the poor public services and conditions Economic crisis and the role of the state and the mechanism of its work in their daily lives, thereby exposing nostalgia to the central state of Saddam Hussein .
For his part, Iraqi political analyst Abdul Qadir Nayel said that "the chants of the Iraqi people in praise of Saddam Hussein in their demonstrations in different age groups comes to reveal the grim reality of the religious parties that ruled Iraq for 16 years, during which it received funds and budgets equivalent to the budgets of several countries combined in the region , And stolen hundreds of billions and it came to the bread bread. "
"Today we are talking about the Iraqi citizen who can not find his day and his children are starving. In the time of the siege, which lasted for nearly 13 years, there was a ration card under which the citizen gets what he needs of the ration goods, which amounted to 17 types and at a symbolic price , And the meals were enough goods for the family and some of them was selling them.
"The Iraqi people are living a real tragedy today. The number of Iraqis living below the poverty line has exceeded 40 percent. Some of them go to rubbish to find a peak that fills their hunger and hunger." The health issue, which was of great importance to the Iraqi people, And the hospitals and health centers established during the era of Saddam, which included the most efficient doctors and the latest equipment and did not require citizens to travel for treatment abroad, despite the siege, today turned into a shelter for stray dogs and cats and the patient slept on the ground.
The political analyst, "The people live today a stage of comparison between what has been and what is now living, where the Iraqis are aware of all the tragedies that live, and raise the image of Saddam Hussein is not regretting something, they did not change Saddam or rebel to regret it, Iraq His regime was changed by a US military occupation. "
"The Iraqi people want to regain the state from a series of failed Fascist religious parties that do not concern the interests of the Iraqi people. What the street wants is the restoration of the state," Nayel said. On the basis of a clear step to restore the state. "
Demonstrations have been renewed in a number of Iraqi provinces, such as Kirkuk and Basra during the past few days. Recent demonstrations have taken on a different tone from last year's demonstrations. In Basra, protesters focused on the removal of the governor while the demonstrations in Kirkuk were against the appointment of a new Kurdish governor.

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