BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq and described the MP for the coalition Almalikiawatef blessing Monday, the undertakings given by the President of Kurdistan Region outgoing Massoud Barzani of the Deputy Prime Minister of Kuwait that Iraq is committed to the borders with Kuwait and the Convention on the Khor Abdullah that the word ridiculous, saying that Barzani does not have any recipe official to speak in the name of Iraq in international forums . She said grace in a statement today: " the pledges Barzani of the Deputy Prime Minister of Kuwait in Munich ridiculous, and the irony is that Kuwaiti officials are now looking for any party calculated on Iraq to discuss with them about the border and the Convention on the Khawr Abd Allah, and this concern and fears that justification has made them Itbageson with Barzani , whose term expired at the head of the Kurdistan region and had no any official now recipe, and any district director or district commissioner in Iraq is the highest authority of it . "She added , " We do not assign blame for Barzani known separatist Bnzaath because it does not represent anyone but himself and his party only, but we are surprised by the Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister to discuss with this person who does not have any authority and does not represent an official recognized entity rather than discuss with officials in the Iraqi government and the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, if the Kuwaiti government were not on falsehood Why use these devious methods instead of diplomacy? "Indicating that" these talks does not exceed being a joke circulated by people in social networking sites. "