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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Eid revives Kirkuk markets .. and customs tariff ignite prices


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Eid revives Kirkuk markets .. and customs tariff ignite prices Empty Eid revives Kirkuk markets .. and customs tariff ignite prices

Post by rocky on Thu 22 Jun 2017, 1:54 am

Eid revives Kirkuk markets .. and customs tariff ignite prices

 Kirkuk / Marwan al-Ani

Kirkuk is experiencing major city markets large crowded by shoppers citizens to buy and choose the Eid al - Fitr clothing, candy and decorations that used to Alkaragokjon them decades ago as part of the historical heritage them holdings, amid complaints a lot of sharp rise prices.

Says a solid Abdullah Karagoki, the owner of a shop selling candy and collectibles holiday market Ahmed Agha "long", that "our work starts at nine at night during the last ten of Ramadan until the early morning hours because the majority of markets closed in the morning because of the fasting and the month of the majority of cafes to practice game Chinese famous ", stressing that" a large turnout for the purchase of materials used in the preparation of pastries, sweets and chocolate which prices high this year due to high transport fares from Iraqi ports to Kirkuk, in addition to the summer heat and the demand for these materials during the month of Ramadan , which rose by 30% compared to year past ".
Confirms Amer Ali Aziz, the owner of the sale of children 's clothing Street , the province of Kirkuk , the city center shop in an interview for the "long", that " the price of children and boys clothes are very high and Azadt 100% from last year to adopt the market on Turkish goods expensive origin and lack of market for Syrian goods , cotton quality and security at low prices as a result of the events and the disruption of the road, along with high prices return transport and electricity wages and rents commercial areas of the costs that reached very high prices , which makes the consumer suffers from a great burden. "
Aziz stressed , "We Despite these problems and difficulties , but that there is a turnout and purchase of materials and clothes, so we work eleven am until the second after midnight the night and see the best movement is very much of the day."
In turn , Abdul Ghani Zine El Abidine Rustam indicates a trader and owner of shops selling Attarriet in an interview for the "long", that " the last of Ramadan ten be movement very large market , all the men and women in particular , and even displaced people flock to our market demand to buy holiday items including Attarriet making candy, Alklijh, cake and vehicles and Almtaibat bring Ttarah materials for food at dawn the first day of Eid al - Fitr. "
Zine El Abidine points out that " the dining table in Kirkuk , Powell characterized the feast days of preparing meat, chicken, beans, Trchanh also decorated cakes, Alklijh etc. They vary from house to house by culture and history of the components of Kirkuk."
It confirms Zine El Abidine "There is no room in the market for the large number of shoppers and despite the high prices , but it 's in the area Attarriet does not constitute a real burden to the citizen who is seen with great interest to food and feast meals more than other aspects of life."
And the ritual prayer ends in the mosques of Kirkuk so that it is difficult for mobile his vehicle movement head Dumez Street Road Baghdad Street province and the head of the bridge and market the castle and the markets Rahimaoh and Shorja, diamonds and Arafa due to the exit of thousands of civilians for the purpose of entertainment, hiking, shopping and preparing for Eid al - Fitr amid tight security and follow - up to the phenomena of non - cultural and to prosecute abusers for the convenience and safety of the citizens of Kirkuk.
And it confirms the province of Kirkuk , police chief Brigadier speech Omar Aref said the police command and security formations prepared a security plan to celebrate Eid al - Fitr through the protection of places of worship mosques and Shiite mosques and to ensure the safety of worshipers with the Eid prayer and the deployment of fixed and mobile patrols to protect the markets and entertainment sites, parks and cities Games and make sure the entrances to Kirkuk and the protection of the next from central and southern Iraq and Kurdistan Qaasideen cities of Dahuk, Sulaymaniyah
and Erbil.
Aref said that Kirkuk , so far the security of all its formations succeeded by applying its security plans during the month of Ramadan, which contributed to the promotion of meat and coexistence and unite the components of Kirkuk to maintain their security and their institutions to support

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