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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US diplomat appointed son, Crown Prince Salman was a dream for Israel


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US diplomat appointed son, Crown Prince Salman was a dream for Israel

Post by rocky on Wed 05 Jul 2017, 3:52 am

US diplomat appointed son, Crown Prince Salman was a dream for Israel

A US diplomat said that the appointment of a Jew Mohammed bin Salman as crown prince in Saudi Arabia, such as "realize the dream of Israel", as quoted by the newspaper "Haaretz" Israeli.

Former US ambassador to the Israeli occupation of Dan Shapiro added that the appointment of Ibn Salman opens before Israel an unprecedented opportunity to improve the regional position and help them cope with the strategic and security challenges.

Shapiro and returned to the minds of the fact that Mohammed bin Salman believes that there is a convergence of interests and map threats facing Israel and Saudi Arabia, which enhances the chances of the Israeli occupation benefit from its mandate.

He said Shapiro, who is currently a researcher as president in "National Security Research Center" Israeli, that the hatred of Ibn Salman movements of Sunni Islam, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, and his quest to confront Iran imposed a pattern specific regional alliances, noting that this explains his eagerness to build strong relationships with all Governor of the UAE real Mohammed bin Zayed, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

"The rise of Arab strong leaders believe that Israel's enemies are enemies representing the interests of Israel and the United States can this development leads to the formation of the axis includes the United States, and the Sunni Arab states, Israel collects common strategic interests and has a willingness to confront players extremists in the region," the as he put it.

Shapiro, who has worked in the past is also an adviser to President Barack Obama for the Gulf, both Riyadh and Tel Aviv, "the diplomatic management wise in order to achieve greater returns for the relationship between the two sides and reduce the damage that can result from the political reality in the region and urged".

He explained that the son of Salman would be ready for full normalization with Israel in the framework of implementation of the Arab initiative.

And re-Shapiro to the minds of the fact that Mohammed bin Nayef, the Crown Prince, who was overthrown by "known as a reliable partner and the Secretary of the United States in its war on terror," adding that the problem of Ibn Nayef lies in that "the Governor of AC can not adopt real reforms on the social and economic level" .

However, Shapiro warned the US administration has given bin Salman green light to drag regional confrontations is calculated.

He pointed out that the son of Salman ran the war in Yemen, "badly", noting that "the launch of non-precision fire carried out by the Saudis led to the fall of a large number of Yemeni civilians and led to the outbreak of a cholera epidemic."

Shapiro warned that the policies of Ibn Salman can cause damage to "American interests," adding that the crisis has blown up against Qatar "has already inflicted damage in Washington."

He explained that both the United States and Israel do not Tthagan ability son Salman to confront Iran, pointing out that the Israeli government and the US administration Tntleghan from the assumption that when there is a need to launch a war against Iran, it "must be a decision on the war in Washington, not In Riyadh".

Shapiro predicted that the US administration issued at the moment a strong warning to the son of Salman censured for doing adventures "harm the interests of the United States."

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