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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Launch of the Rapid Response Plan to protect heritage in liberated areas


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Launch of the Rapid Response Plan to protect heritage in liberated areas Empty Launch of the Rapid Response Plan to protect heritage in liberated areas

Post by rocky on Sat 05 Aug 2017, 2:50 am

Launch of the Rapid Response Plan to protect heritage in liberated areas

05/8/2017 12:00 am

Roandzi asserts that it is working on the rehabilitation of several sectors
aldmlogi calls for seeking to restore civilian fabric connector
Baghdad / morning
launched the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Antiquities yesterday (Thursday) Rapid Response Plan for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in the liberated areas in Iraq, at the headquarters of the General Authority for Antiquities and Heritage (National Museum ) And in collaboration with UNESCO.
The General Authority for Antiquities and Heritage received the Japan Scholarship, a specialized body that provides archaeologists and expeditioners with much effort, money and time to explore archeology in the depths of the earth.
The event was attended by the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Farid Rwandzi, the head of the Culture and Information Committee Maysoun Damluji, the Japanese ambassador to Iraq Fumio Iwai, the director of the UNESCO office in Iraq, the representative of the organization Louise Huckhausen, and a number of diplomatic figures and those interested in archaeological affairs.
"I welcome you all to one of the Iraqi Museum's monuments to participate in an important cultural event, the launch of the rapid response plan to protect cultural heritage in the liberated areas of Iraq," he said.
"We have fought on behalf of the world to promote the evils of these obscurantist gangs. Today, the role of building and restoring stability has come. The cultural heritage and its rehabilitation constitute one of the most important pillars of restoring stability in the liberated areas. With UNESCO: the plan that emerged from the recommendations of the International Coordinating Conference for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Iraq held in February this year at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.
The minister stressed that the response plan will work on the rehabilitation of several sectors, namely: Archaeological sites, registered World Heritage sites and religious heritage from shrines, churches, temples, historic buildings, urban heritage, museum and museum collections, as well as historical manuscripts. "
In her turn, she thanked the head of the parliamentary culture and media committee, Maysoun Damluji, "the national efforts for reconstruction and cultural heritage in the areas occupied by the barbaric barbaric," saying: "It has destroyed the most cherished and rare supporter of our civilization for all humanity .. Today we do not abdicate our responsibility as Iraqis, The House of Representatives or government parties from the Ministry of Culture or the security services or endowments in the reconstruction, but we are forced to support the international community seriously. "
"If today there are plans to return religious buildings, shrines, mosques and other sites like Nimrod," she said. We also need to plan for the reconstruction of the civil fabric of the old city of Mosul, which was destroyed by the war, and there are experiences of several countries have gone through such crises can be used for reconstruction, which represents the restoration of the social and civil fabric of this city, which has been characterized by pluralism for thousands of years.
Al-Damluji expressed her thanks to the Ministry of Culture and the General Authority for Antiquities and Heritage for their efforts to rebuild the terrorist organizations, the security forces and related institutions, especially the Awqaf bureau for their continuous cooperation in protecting archaeological and religious sites after the victory. The correct reconstruction.
The Chairman of the Committee on Culture and Information of the Parliament also thanked the international community, especially the friendly country of Japan, for its consistent and continuous stance in supporting Iraqi efforts to preserve the Mesopotamian heritage as the cradle of human civilization.
Al-Damluji pointed out the huge destruction that has hit the ancient city of Mosul and the need to make plans for rebuilding it, taking advantage of the international experience in reconstructing the cities destroyed by the war and preserving the distinctive urban fabric of this ancient city, considering that the reconstruction process paves the way for the return of the displaced. The religious and national pluralism that characterized Mosul throughout the ages.
"I thank the Japanese ambassador for his country's support at these critical moments in Iraq's history, especially in regard to the efforts made to protect the human and cultural heritage and to alleviate the human suffering that has resulted," said Louise Hauxthenhausen, director of the UNESCO office in Iraq. About this conflict during the last three years ».
"Working with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture has three main themes: The monitoring and documentation of archaeological sites at risk and attacks, the strengthening of the capabilities in the registration and control of archaeological sites, the documentation and inventory of archaeological sites and archaeological collections, and the provision of systems and programs of the General Authority for Antiquities and Heritage, in addition to the implementation of some measures in the protection of archaeological sites targeted, "explaining that" The main purpose of the declaration of the response plan for the protection of cultural heritage in Iraq. "
"I am pleased to sign the list of equipment provided to the Iraqi National Museum and strongly commend all the efforts that have led to its success," the Japanese ambassador said. "In recent years, the legacy of Iraq has been at great risk due to the continuous wars and On the cultural heritage and passing it on to the next generation is very important not only for Iraq but for the whole world as well; therefore, Japan has donated 1.5 million US dollars. We are very proud to be partners in this project, which we expect to contribute significantly to the preservation of historical documents and archaeological sites in addition to cultural preservation of the effects of Iraq in the National Museum in Baghdad. "
"Japan contributes to the preservation of Iraq's cultural heritage and to the Iraqi people. For example, it has rehabilitated Iraqi National Museum laboratories and trained its Iraqi staff through the Japan Fund at UNESCO to preserve world cultural heritage, International Cooperation (JIcA) ".

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