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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Hurricanes America overshadows the Iraqi economy!


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Hurricanes America overshadows the Iraqi economy!

Post by rocky on Wed 13 Sep 2017, 4:48 am

Hurricanes America overshadows the Iraqi economy!

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Oil experts Hamza al-Jawahiri said on Wednesday that the recent hurricanes that hit parts of the United States would contribute to higher oil prices after Texas cut its exports.

"After a wave of hurricanes that hit two states of the United States, the oil facility in Texas was badly damaged, forcing it to drop its oil exports. The US has been buying oil from sources outside the United States," he said. Free from OPEC. "

He added that "Iraq will benefit from this process through the rise in oil prices and now range between 53 to 55 dollars, a very high price for Brent signal oil," adding that "Brent oil prices will not decline and may increase demand for US oil and the price rises."

The world oil markets are subject to a new wave of unexpected changes, following Harvey and Erma in the United States, which prompted many economists and analysts to predict the market is in a state of oil shortage due to the devastating effects of the hurricanes.

Those analyzes reported by The Econmk Times Network " The Economic of Times ", through a report, confirming, that the hurricanes that hit the American shores, has disrupted the production and export of more than 3.3 million barrels of US oil, according to the World weekly report oil data, while exposed the rest of the US oil fields and facilities to a performance deficit of 79%, the lowest since 2010.

The report also stressed that the maintenance and reconstruction of US oil facilities may take an unknown time, which made analysts expect to raise the price of low oil, after the United States emerged largely from competition for market share, following the hurricanes, the donor countries, especially Iraq Which is struggling to reclaim its economic conditions in new ways, the opportunity to get more shares, while other experts, and the newspaper said that the current result will be a drop in the market demand, as the largest consumer of oil are refineries, which affected the hurricanes also in the United States, The same T, that the increase in prices will occur after these facilities go back to work, where demand for oil will rise to levels Kiesah.anthy 3

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