) - Senior Republican Senator Lindsey Graham praised US President Donald Trump's decision to keep a limited peacekeeping force in Syria , saying he was pushing Europeto deploy more troops in the region. 

"The 200 soldiers that the White House has decided to keep in the region may attract thousands of Europeans," said Graham, who spent weeks trying to persuade Trump to modify his original plan to withdraw all US troops from Syria.   Republican senator: If our troops stayed in Iraq, there would not be any ArrowSelected2

"Thousands of Europeans were killed by gunmen who fought in Syria and came to Europe, and now the burden on Europe is 80 percent of the operation, and in turn we may take the remaining 20 percent." 

Graham stressed that "the United States sees its priority in preventing the return of a preacher's organization," adding that "if we kept our troops in Iraq , there was no urging." 

The senator pointed out that he had been in constant contact with Trump in recent weeks and assured him that it was necessary to ensure that he would not return to a "vacuum" and not fill Iran with a vacuum left by the American withdrawal, as well as the need to establish a buffer zone between Turkey and the US- New.

"Graham's comments correspond to one of Tramp's favorite subjects," he said, "that Washington's European allies and NATO are not making enough contributions to the protection of international security.