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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraq adopted a security plan to protect banking institutions daashI


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Iraq adopted a security plan to protect banking institutions daashI

Post by rocky on Sat 05 Jul 2014, 6:46 pm

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Khalid Al-Taee of Baghdad Man is money in currency exchange in Baghdad. [Yuri Cortez/AP]

The Iraqi Ministry of Finance has adopted this week plan tight security to protect Government and private banks throughout the country from the danger of militant organization known as "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant" (daash), Al officials said.

Financial Minister Safaa net debt had said in June that the security plan aims to prevent and thwart the schemes of daash.

The plan includes raising the alert and step up security deployment around banks and official capacity.

It also will raise the pace of coordination and communication between the departments of the banks in the provinces "hot" FPS for buildings insurance banking.

The plan also includes tightening the procedures adopted to protect public funds by depositing them in safe with techniques and sophisticated fire-resistant specifications and explosions and thefts and acts of vandalism, said General Manager of Rafidain Bank in the name of Allah.

'' He said he will adopt strict directives and instructions governing the delivery of funds or transfer them from one place to another.

He has been under control all the joints of the Iraqi banking sector.

Al-Hasani stressed the effectiveness of the actions undertaken in the framework of the plan, stressing continuously strive to ensure all banks of terrorists and gangs of robbery and theft and deal with any emergency situations.

A number of news reports about the gunmen seize funds deposited in several banks in Mosul and Tikrit, hweejah walshrkat and other cities are mostly public sector salaries.

Al-Hasani said that the size of the sums of money stolen is still unknown because of the continuing military confrontation with militants in the cities mentioned, daash but stressed the serious investigations ongoing in this regard.

Secure the banks absolute priority

On his part, said the Director of the Association of private banks in Iraq Abdul Aziz Hassoun that banking establishments are considered "financial gravity to the State and should be secured and maintained in priority during the current phase."

He continued, "we support and encourage any move or a security effort to protect financial wealth."

It was important to take Iraqi banks and security forces ' vigilance to thwart any plots to rob banks and to prevent terrorist groups from promoting financial stock, so using the stolen money to finance their activities and criminal operations against innocent people, whether inside or outside Iraq. "

He noted that the plan declared Finch by the Ministry of finance to protect banks include "new security measures, and are up for the challenge and threat to banking institutions".

"The terror gangs will not hesitate to do the most heinous crimes and exploitation of all the conditions to put her hand on public funds and property, and had carried out attacks on governmental and private banks and adcb offices and shops selling gold jewellery."

Meanwhile, the Economist Abdul Hussein Al-yasiri, the Government is fully responsible for the safety and security of banks and money deposited therein.

He said that this responsibility requires them to make plans and take appropriate action to eliminate any risks that may threaten the funds.

'' Said, "are now facing several terrorist groups establish facilities and banking institutions on top of their objectives is to acquire assets from the funds of the citizens, companies and investors, but also to hit and destroy the national economy".

Al-yasseri expressed the hope that a plan to enhance the security of banks in providing the required protection, especially those in the troubled provinces of security.

Was, "you should not enable daash opportunity to benefit from such funds and financing terrorist activities, and we all help us to eliminate the elements which not only threatens Iraq but the entire world."


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