BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , Rafidain Bank, stressed on Sunday the need to grant loans tosmall projects and activate the production process to revive the economy Aloutna.ocdt Khawla student Jabbar director in the bank in a statement today: "the need to walk at a steady pace for thedevelopment of the Bank 's business and work on D their cooperation with everyone and take advantage of the available expertise of others in providing better services to citizens and keep pacewith technological advances and new technologies at the banks of the world and to raise thedividend activity by attracting and attract capital and savings of citizens ".utalapt Titanic" toactivate the role of the banking sector because of its positive benefits flowing into the bank staff 'sinterest in particular and the recovery of the national economy in general and by the granting ofloans, "urging" the staff to work as one team to promote the reality of institutional work inaccordance with the banking system. "