Baghdad / Iraq News Network revealed a member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee Hamdiya Husseini, Wednesday, said the acting appointment ratio stood at 90% in state institutions of chairpersons and leaders and security agents Wazzarat.oukalt Husseini , in a press statement today: " The percentage of those who were appointed proxy agents, ministers and heads of independent bodies, such as the Central Bank, integrity, intelligence, and military commanders and other senior state officials who have become make up more than 90% in all institutions, particularly in positions of defense and interior ministries and security agencies and other important Iraqi state institutions "She added Husseini, " the appointed acting either within the government or in the rest of the state institutions is very dangerous, because their decisions are unconstitutional , " indicating that " theappointment is without legal standards, as designated ( by proxy is not subject) to accountability inconstitutional form, because it is appointed by the chairman Ministers and not parliament as stipulated in the constitution , ".utalapt Husseini to" be away for appointment by proxy by thePrime Minister , "asserting that" the appointment acting contrary to the Constitution , which provides for not allowing certain proxy to continue in their jobs for more than a year , ".oary observers and politicians said appointment Acting State has hit irreparable damage as a result of the delay in the transactions of the citizens, to the fact that the agent argues that there is no constitutional authority to stroll some orders for fear of being subjected to accountability and integrity.