Military expert Yuri Knutov saw the United States as aiming to rebuild the Soviet-built military airports in Eastern Europe to contain Russia .

"The United States is aware of the failure of the combat preparations of the European armies and hopes to enhance combat and air transport capabilities, and for this purpose the Pentagon is updating the military airports on the Russian border," the military expert was quoted by Russia as saying today .
"This is an act of military pressure on our country," Knutov said, adding that "the US program is not enough in the current military and political situation." Russia's invasion of NATO is nonsense and imagination that he does not find. A logical explanation even in the West, but under this pretext, NATO forces are approaching the Russian border. "

He expressed his firm conviction that the United States is provoking a new arms race, which is not in line with Russia's plans, but stressed that Moscow is able to respond appropriately to Washington to strengthen the infrastructure infrastructure in Europe.

Several US media reported that the White House may allocate $ 828 million next year to contain Russia.

The bulk of the money is to be spent in modernizing military airports, to organize a vast network of US airports on the Russian border in Europe.