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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The new Trump promised to the Zionists ..ban the Arab-Zionist collusion and cunning!?


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The new Trump promised to the Zionists ..ban the Arab-Zionist collusion and cunning!?

Post by rocky on Wed 05 Apr 2017, 2:57 am

The new Trump promised to the Zionists ..ban the Arab-Zionist collusion and cunning!?

Date: 16:09 04/04/2017

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To coincide with the time led by the new US ambassador to the Zionist entity "Israel" David Friedman, was sworn in the Eisenhower building next to the White House in Washington, and Friedman's son rabbi and lawyer, a Jew close to the president, Donald Trump is known for his pro-settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories and to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Jewish American lawyer David Friedman, "a friend and adviser to Trump for a long time" and a supporter of settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories, in turn, this appointment and approval of the US Senate this choice, confirms the fact that the desire of President de Father of Trump in the transfer of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and to coincide all these developments with Friedman vowed in a statement issued immediately after his appointment "to work tirelessly to promote fixed bonds that unite our two countries and push forward the peace process in the region," adding that he was "looking forward to that Proceeding from the US embassy in the eternal capital of Israel, Jerusalem. "

In conjunction with all of these coming from the US developments, he issued the Zionist Prime Minister Stinking Yahoo, recommendations intensified demolitions against homes in Arab villages inside the Green Line, in response to the Supreme Court's decision to evacuate the settlement "Amona" illegal in the occupied West Bank, it is important to to point out that talk about how great houses threatened with demolition, which considers the Zionist entity houses are illegal, and that ability of the Ministry of the Interior of Zionism by about 42 thousand houses in the Arab sector in the Negev alone, knowing that these houses are home to about 85 thousand people of the Palestinian Yen.

The role of the Arab position to miss completely all this coming from Washington and Jerusalem developments, and it seems clear from the Arab reactions official meager on all of these events targeting the Al-Aqsa and the Palestinians today in Jerusalem in particular and in the rest of the West Bank, have tried here some axes moderate "Arab" newly formed in the Arab region "axis known dependence of the project Zionist - American" to give another character to talk Trump and talk stinking Yahoo, justified this she hardly apply such conversations and decisions coming from Washington and Jerusalem betting position that This is the international community, with all of these systems know and realize that the international community or most complicit with the Zionists to establish their "Jewish" state on the ruins of the "Arab-Christian - Islamic - Palestinian.

Today, in the absence of the Arab and Islamic position, Jewish associations planning continue to demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque, and accelerates events in occupied Jerusalem, attacks and projects Zionist successive targeting Jerusalem and Jerusalemites towns occupied city, with continued provocations from groups of herds of Zionist extremists are continuing to break into the desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the infringement attempts Jerusalemites and the imposition of settlement projects on their towns and displaced them. What is the Zionist occupation entity of the barbaric attack, Nazi, fascist, West Bank targets in general and the city of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque in particular, confirms that there is a Zionist project - internationally - regionally aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause completely. Today, the Zionist entity exercises the new old role of trying to liquidate the Palestinian cause and the displacement of the rest of the population of Palestine from their homeland and bring about gangs and herds of settlers in their place, as it is today this entity gangs major crimes against the Al-Aqsa and the citizens of the West Bank, in addition to the destruction and demolition of many homes and population centers in the West Bank and in Jerusalem, the Open campaigns Dida, to be held on the ruins of settlements resettle by a group of Zionists this entity.

Finally, clarify the truth about what is happening events in the city of Jerusalem in particular and the general areas of the West Bank in general, modern and decisions Trump last, that the next US administration, under pressure from the government of the Zionist entity seeks to win the decision of an international consensus allowing the Zionists to achieve their dream of Talmudic by the Jewish state, is Arabs will move to protect Al-Aqsa and the protection of the West Bank and its people, or the Arab position will remain as tiny as weak as we know it, including the issue of the Palestinian people and Palestine ?! Clearly, some of the Arab position will remain as it is, not how some of the Arabs coordinate today with the Zionist entity and its leaders to destroy and erase the history of this nation, and here I would like to remind some of the Arabs that their silence on what is happening in Palestine is a stain Bajabin all of the order on Palestine and contributed to the destruction and weakening this Nation.

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