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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Russian spy helped create Israel


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Russian spy helped create Israel

Post by rocky on Sat 20 May 2017, 2:15 am

Russian spy helped create Israel

5/20/2017 0:00

Secret documents revealed soon
Nico Heinz - Translation / Mai Ismail
secret documents revealed that the Soviet spy (double) Kim Philby «Kim Philby» was hampered by his colleagues in the British intelligence efforts to defeat the Zionist movement.
Sir «Gilles Isham» (Gyles Isham) man British intelligence (MI5) top rank security chief in Jerusalem outside his office on July 22, 1946; Otherwise, it is also a victim of the biggest bombing destroyed part of the hotel «King David»; the actual headquarters of the administration Mandate British Palestine. Between one dead and there are ninety British and Arabs and Jews was; crushed under the rubble.
The radical factions of the Zionist movement (which described some of its members themselves publicly terrorists) waging war against a relentless unannounced; to expel the British and the declaration of the state of Israel. But other factions were frightened .. in London told «Ben Gurion» Chairman of the Jewish Agency , a journalist that stands behind the bombing .. « the enemy of the Jewish people». She described the case of «Chaim Weizmann» President of the World Zionist Organization as .. «nervous agitation overwhelming.»
Sir «Isham» has received (24 hours before the bombing) urgent telegram dispatched to Beirut to stop an alleged assassination; turned out to be false. Isham remained for decades believed to have ordered his departure from the city was planned; and enticed him doubt that the Zionist radicals (bombers) were behind him deported. But what has not imagined is that a high - ranking spy in a Soviet secret British intelligence service (MI6) played a major role in his staff and distracts them .

Bitter betrayal
even today remain circles «MI5» functions to protect the United Kingdom and its citizens and interests, while circles «MI6» (Intelligence Wire Aserah- SIS) and gathered intelligence information from outside the country. According to confidential documents recently disclosed (House of the British National Archives) that a spy planted in a Soviet circles «MI6» to hamper its work in Palestine. As its members were busy chasing plots fake; with the implementation of a real terrorist severe impact attacks. This reveals new chapters of the story of betrayal «Philippi» bitter and sheds light on the complex relationship with the Soviet Union to Israel.
What are the motives of the Soviet spy? Probably Philby was not inspired by «romantic» the case of Zionism; then the (as it is today) was the goal of Russian intelligence sow chaos and suspicion among the ranks of the opponents. The Second World War had ended a year ago, the Cold War began. Only five months have not passed since the former British prime minister «Winston Churchill» warned that .. «Iron Curtain» took place across Europe; and that the Soviets were testing the defenses of the West around the world. Britain was (summer 1946) is struggling to keep the empire disintegrates, and after a year she had finally to give up India; «British crown jewel». And it became a grip on Palestine (which Agmtha mandated after World War I) a curse than a blessing; with the pursuit of Jews (mostly immigrants from Europe) to establish a state, and the Arabs move their forces to stop them. These conditions have given the Soviets tremendous opportunities to take down the pain on .. ( the words of Churchill): «those defenders of freedom and democracy against the expansion of « unlimited »of power and Soviet doctrine.» Moscow will not have a tool to weaken the British defenses better than her husband in London (client «MI6») Kim Philby .. Perhaps it was the most legendary spy Alanfz invasive between the spy records.

Documents blocked the
work of the famous British writer «Graham Greene» (Graham Greene) with «MI6» during the Second World War, and knew Philby and liked it very much; and praised his defense for his staff! Betrayal of Philippi have caused the death of a lot of British intelligence agents in several places. Later; Greene wrote about .. « is convinced of the wisdom of its provisions Philippi frightening, logical and intolerance of a man found a certain belief; and will not abandon it because of the injustices or cruelty caused by the human tools misguided goal». Also attributed the way in which undermined by Philippi opponents within the intelligence community and the existence of Ozaham .. «touch sharp ice on his heart».
It was Philby personal interest in a complex long - term in the Middle East; it was his father «St. John Filby- St. John Philby »A late British explorers there. Vaatnq Islam and became a close adviser to the King Abdul Aziz bin Saud (founder of Saudi Arabia) and a bitter foe of Zionism.
Kim Philby married with the beginning of his career (1934) of a communist activist Jewish; «not« to Izi »Friedman» in Vienna. He was one witness of his marriage «Teddy» ( the Jewish Agency , a senior official during the forties, became governor of Jerusalem for a long time and contact circles «MI5»). According to the book «defend the Kingdom» (documented history of British intelligence to Kateb- Christopher Andrew «Christopher Andrew») that Kollek told the British in August 1945 from the secret location of the training camp of terrorists Jews near Binyamina, suggesting raiding it; which led to the arrest of 22 of them.
Must Philby was known role Kollek; presumably Kollek Ciorth (or Sasamh implicitly acting as a communist). Certainly he knew that the main contact Kollek was with «Gilles Isham»; perhaps he wanted (at least) Isham 's reputation and its relation to the Jewish proxy distortion. It has been a lot of pages of intelligence files documenting that era obscured (even public ones); or quoted as references to files «B.4.a.» special anti - Soviet espionage department. Will say Kollek (about forty years) that he strongly doubted that the Soviet Philippi client. But he was not confirmed until the fifties, after a surprise visit to the headquarters of «CIA». While it was possible to detect his contacts and his betrayal of the intelligence files since early.
Pat Kulik and Philippi (former comrades from the Communist circles in Vienna) working for intelligence operations during the convergence of the same activist in Palestine after the war. The Isham (was worried about entering Philippi before the hotel bombing) was set up with Kollek in a kibbutz (collective farm kibbutz = Jewish translated.) North of Palestine for several months before the attack.

Doubts and speculation
was mentioned Kollek in British intelligence files several times; he was a friend of senior British officials. Menhm- circles head of MI6 counterintelligence and his deputy, Maurice Oldfield «Maurice Oldfield« (who later became president of MI6), gave him many services. Became Kollek (in 1947) as Chairman of the Organization of the Jewish Agency intelligence to the world of the Anglo - Saxon (means Galba- Britain and the United States); and it became his duty to know members of «MI5» and »MI6». So it was unlikely his ignorance of the fact that the man who attended his wedding, and the worker in the same field of work !! Some are likely to Kollek did not provide information to Oldfield British circles; but a US spy official. After a meeting inside the headquarters of «CIA»; told Kollek , head of the US spy Department «James Jesses Ongelton- James Jesus Angleton» for backgrounds Philippi. According to information published; Angleton did not move information about (giving rise to many speculation!). And it will remain aspects that were Kollek will benefit from the information before the proclamation of the «state» Israel in 1948 under question.
Despite a lot of speculation about the role of the intelligence services of the Soviet Union supported the Zionist militants fighting to destabilize the British empire shaky; it has been overlooked so much about the role of Philippi in the case. It was known that the signing of the document came Philippi that drove senior intelligence officers and security of Palestine before the bombing of Hotel «King David». But other documents supporting the idea that Philby deliberately sabotaging Britain 's efforts against the Zionist terrorist operations .. So far did not appear.
Was Philby deliberately reporting «ridiculous» French spies on the movements in Palestine (to agree on arms deals with terrorists Zionists); to send his colleagues in dogfights absurd. It is the logic of Hazelnut (as Christopher Andrew sees historian MI5 »; because the French were on an excellent relationship with the Jewish underground circles in Beirut and Paris (where the European headquarters of the armed militias of Zionism.) So there is no need to send spies perform the task in the territory under the control of the British. Believes Professor «Bruce Hoffman- Bruce Hoffman» (Director of the Center at Georgetown University security Studies, and the student of the history of the armed Zionist groups) that the goal of the Soviets was a distraction to London in places like Palestine , regardless of the conflict between East and West in Europe.

game of cat and mouse
today is not associated with the word « terrorist »typically British discourse Or the US about the Zionist movement; but it was a term called a lot in the forties of the last century , often on two specific: Alaoly- organization «Irgun Svaa a daily» (National Military Organization) , led by Menachem Begin, who carried out the bombing of Hotel «King David». Second: the most Group extreme and radical; which called itself «Leahy» (abbreviation in Hebrew for »fighters for the freedom of Israel»). the British call it «Stern gang» according to the name of its founder «Abraham« Yair »Sturn- Avraham" Yair "Stern»; who was killed by the British in 1942; and became «Yitzhak Shamir» one of the leaders of their operations. Begin and Shamir was soon to become the heads of the Ministry in Israel, after many decades. The two organizations carried out bombings, ambushes and assassinations, targeting British and their partners. By November 1944 the «Leahy» killed (led by Shamir) «Lord Mwen- Lord Moyne» British Foreign Secretary for the Colonies, and the largest British official in the region (Cairo - based); users pistol Russia. The «Lehi» another organization in the world openly describes itself as terrorist (according to Calder Walton «Calder Walton» Intelligence historian at Harvard University). It was also an important source of inspiration for terrorist organizations around the world for years to come; although most of them follow the Hzu Begin and the Irgun described themselves as fighters for freedom (not terrorists). Walton described by saying: « That was the beginning of a new pattern: the integration of modern nationalism and political violence that stretches across the border».
As long as the cat and mouse game between the Zionist organizations and British intelligence during the years of World War II, and lasted three years later; until Britain abandoned its mandate for Palestine under the mandate of the League of Nations. What Russians can do to encourage violence and unrest? What you can Philippi? You can start by saying that most of the perpetrators came from areas became (after 1946) behind the Soviet Iron Curtain. She described a secret memo to British spies that «Leahy» under the control of immigrants from the Eastern Bloc: «most of whose members are Jewish, Russian , Polish and Bulgarian». Was the «Lehi» and Argonne »networks across the Middle East, Europe and the United States, and was driving (from its headquarters in Paris) for men born in the Soviet Union. While this does not mean that their loyalty must be to Moscow; but at least paved the ground for communication. While planting these chaos in Palestine; tried Associati across Europe hit Britain on its soil. One of the operations sought to blow up the British colonies Department offices (near the headquarters of the prime minister). The packaging is already planted (but Betty Knott «Betty Knut»; the daughter of a wealthy Russian noble and friendly head of the European operations of the Organization «Leahy») but did not explode. With all those players from Russia; no wonder that the suspect British and American intelligence attachment to terrorist groups , communists.

Hidden support has
become more difficult to move between European countries during and after the war, and access was limited to Palestine , however , the British. However, the Zionist leaders continued to disappear from the east and suddenly appearing in Palestine. Including «Moshe Sneh -Moshe Sneh» Polish; who was arrested by the Red Army before escaping from a Russian camp. Some wondered whether his escape orchestrated for the purpose of the Russians themselves. «Sneh» became president of the gangs «Haganah»; wing paramilitary main Jewish Agency, before becoming a political officially communist (after the announcement of the state). Menachem Begin also fled from one of Stalin 's prisons; to end at the head of a gang of Argun.
Britain has never accused (though speculation) the Soviets and their allies to send Zionist leaders or trained fighters to destabilize the assignment of Palestine; although there is evidence that the Polish army in the East (founded by the Soviet Union by order of Stalin 's annexation of more than four thousand Jews) has more than condoning travel Zionists, and he worked secretly to help the armed gangs against the British in Palestine. This delightful army (in 1940) to the Middle East through Persia, and then were demobilized some of the Jews to join armed groups (especially Irgun).
Armed organizations that wreaks attacks are the sympathy of the Jewish community in Palestine; but a report on Britain in 1946 confirmed that the «Stern» unpopular; the «Haganah» position a little better. The international public opinion has turned against the British Mandate of Palestine; and became increasingly difficult to prevent Jewish immigration «illegal» to it. Britain was forced to increase its military presence to a hundred thousand, with the continuation of weekly attacks on British civilians and destruction of the infrastructure of police stations. After the war has diminished Britain 's appetite to face more violence, depleted their coffers. There is no doubt that the ongoing campaign of terrorist violence forced London to retreat; began by May 1948 officially withdraw from the Mandate. One analyst described the CIA «CIA» position , saying: «dispersion of the strategic value of Palestine for the British by administrative difficulties».
Despite what was done; the Zionist armed organizations have suffered years to secure arms and money. And quickly put the start of the Cold War that endeavor in the context of the battle between the two superpowers. It was the capital of many of the members of these organizations towards the Soviets; beneficiaries of Stalin to confront Britain and the US intentions toward the region 's desire.
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