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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack Mancstr..omay: We know the identity of the port


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Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack Mancstr..omay: We know the identity of the port

Post by rocky on Wed 24 May 2017, 2:09 am

Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack Mancstr..omay: We know the identity of the port

 London - Manchester / O.v.b- Reuters - BBC

 22 dead and 59 wounded. . Britain stopped election campaigns

Announced the organization (Daesh) on Tuesday claimed responsibility for the suicide bomber who targeted a concert of American singer Ariana Grande in Manchester, northern England yesterday, and the deployment of the organization attack, a statement on the application of «Tlegram» in which it claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was detonated explosive devices.
The British Prime Minister Theresa May said that the police and security agencies to learn the identity of the suicide bomber, but the authorities are not ready for announcement.
The Manchester police chief Ian Hopkins earlier: «I can confirm that the attacker was killed in the Manchester Arena Hall. We believe he was carrying an explosive device detonated in the cause of this brutal act. » Officials in the medical sector and said some of the wounded injuries in the attack remains critical, and more than 10 children are being treated at the hospital. The director of health and social welfare sector in the Greater Manchester John Rouse, said that «there are a number of very dangerous individuals and their injuries require intensive care, and there are infected remain in the hospital for a long time».
He said the medical director of «ambulance service North West» David Ratcliff, said that «12 children were taken to the Royal Manchester Children 's Hospital ... and received the other hospital adults ... others walk and went to different centers and some of them children». Manchester Police carried out a bombing «arbitrator» in Valovald neighborhood south of the city in relation to an investigation into the suicide attack. Greater Manchester Police said in a statement that « the police carried out the arrest orders and to ring in Valovald district, where an arbitrator was blow up in the framework of the investigation into the horrific attack that took place last night at the Manchester Arena Hall.»
The police announced the arrest of a young man in the 23 -year- old in relation to the attack. Greater Manchester Police said on «Twitter»: «with regard to the incident last night at the Manchester Arena, we can confirm the arrest of a 23 - year - old man in the south of Manchester».
British police reopened «Victoria Kutch» Station and the surrounding streets after it closed earlier because of a suspicious package. A spokesman for London 's Metropolitan Police: «show now suspicious package reported in Victoria Station Kutch safety ... We thank you for your patience».
The prime minister said earlier that in the event of a terrorist attack to make sure, it will be the most deadly militant attacks in Britain since 2005 , when it targeted the transport network attacks in London that killed 52 people.
He said «Workers ' Party» opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said in a statement that he and May had agreed to suspend all election campaigns to the eighth of June (June). Queen Elizabeth expressed sympathy with all those affected by the attack of Manchester, said in a statement that « the whole nation was shocked to death and injury of many adults and children in Manchester last night, all of their actions that they were enjoying the concert». She added «I know that I speak on behalf of everyone when I express my sympathy with all of those affected by this horrific incident, especially the families of the dead and the wounded and their friends».
The attack condemned widespread, and gave US President Donald Trump For his part , condolences to the victims of the attack, and across Europe , the leaders expressed their support for Britain and sympathy with them, at a time when Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the attack.
22 people were killed and 59 others wounded in a suicide bombing that targeted compound concerts in Manchester, northern Britain.
The bombing occurred Monday night in the lobby inside the compound at the end of the concert, the American singer, Ariana Grande.

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