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Abbas will be presented to Trump to give up large parts of the Palestinian state


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Abbas will be presented to Trump to give up large parts of the Palestinian state

Post by rocky on Wed 24 May 2017, 4:10 am

Abbas will be presented to Trump to give up large parts of the Palestinian state

By SD SD -May 23, 2017041

Treasures Media  - Web site , "Middle East" any British Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will present a plan provides for the Palestinians giving up 6.5 percent of their land to Israel, three times what they gave before, during the visit of US President Donald Trump of the West Bank on Tuesday .

British site in the translation of the nation's report and added that a Palestinian official close to the Palestine Liberation Organization said that this proposal seems to exclude Jerusalem and it enhances the vision of former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to reach a peaceful Palestinian-Israeli settlement.

The source, who preferred anonymity, said the Palestinian side will be presented during the meeting with Trump's new vision completely separate from seeing the majority of the Palestinian people, and this vision is based on the exchange of a lot of the Palestinian territories, pointing out that previous discussions about the Israeli-Palestinian spin on the exchange of 1.9 percent settlement only land, but we are talking now about more than three times this figure.

Abbas rejected an offer from Olmert during the failed peace talks in 2008 for an almost complete withdrawal from the West Bank, and suggested that Israel retain 6.3 percent of the land for the control of major Jewish settlements in 20155.

And earlier this month, Abbas met with Trump in Washington to hold direct talks face-to-face, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Abbas urged Trump at the time to resume peace talks in the framework of the 2008 presentation made by the then Prime Minister Olmert.

The news comes before visiting Trump's first foreign, which includes stations in Israel, Palestine and Saudi Arabia. It is scheduled to Arab leaders from across the region meet along with members of the Saudi royal family in Riyadh is expected to provide details for the first time about his vision of peace between Israelis and Palestinians at a press conference in Jerusalem

A source in the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the peace talks failed in 2008 because the Palestinian delegation only to exchange a small proportion of its territory agreed, adding: discussing this issue on the exchange of land since negotiations with Olmert, but at the peace talks, the time in 2008, the Palestinians have only agreed exchange between 1-2 percent of the Palestinian territories while Olmert wants about 6.55 percent.

According to the report, the Times of Israel, Olmert's offer to compensate Palestinians for Israeli land equivalent to 5.8 percent of the West Bank, along with a link to the Gaza Strip, another area supposed to be part of the Palestinian state. The presentation included the rejected also put the old city of Jerusalem under international control.

But the Palestinian official close to the Palestinian Liberation Organization said that Jerusalem more aspects of previous discussions, unlike the controversy was not mentioned in the proposal, which is said that Abbas intended to discuss Maataramb during his next visit.

Palestinians want control over East Jerusalem, which Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967 to be the capital of any future Palestinian state. The Oalentasraial that later annexed East Jerusalem, unilaterally re-unification of Jerusalem as its capital since 19800.

More recently, Trump promised during his presidential campaign to transfer the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, further complicating the discussions on Jerusalem, following the inauguration of Trump Abasmn warned that the embassy transfer would have a disastrous impact on the peace process and the two-state solution and the stability and security of the entire region.

The peace process

The Palestinians disagreed in order to reach a negotiated settlement to meet the conditions set out in the Arab peace initiative proposed by the Arab League in 2002, which called for the withdrawal of Israel from the West Bank and East Jerusalem, but members of the Palestinian leadership believe that the visit of Trump will not achieve little or nothing.

Said Awni Mashni a member of the Fatah movement, the issue is not about Trump or Obama or Abbas, the issue is that Israel does not want to withdraw from the West Bank or Gaza, and do not want to end the occupation, and added that regardless of the details of this new proposal, any initiative to withdraw from West Bank and Gaza will ultimately fail because the Israeli leadership refuses to take this step.

During a political speech in December 2016 criticized former US Secretary of State John Kerry, the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu and his coalition government described as the most right-wing in Israeli history.

While Netanyahu says he is committed to two-state solution, he said international observers, including Kerry, said that the Israeli government's agenda seemed heading towards the one-state solution and aims to create a Greater Israel.

Came Kerry's remarks at a time when the construction of a group of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank is a challenge to the UN Security Council resolution, which was approved in December 2016, said political analyst Rasim slaves that he does not expect Trump paid to a satisfactory settlement of the Palestinians, saying that US interests the Israeli in the region now overlap more than ever.

Obeidat said: If we look at the meeting between Trump and Netanyahu earlier this year, there was no discussion about the two-state solution and this is exactly the goal of Netanyahu, who is to end any talk about this issue.

He said Palestinian analyst that the Palestinian Authority suffers from an internal crisis, especially in light of the low confidence levels among the Palestinian people, I doubt that Abbas would agree to settle even if he did, the Palestinian people will not give up Jerusalem or agree to the continuity of the occupation.

Arab alliance

Instead of reaching a settlement on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, many observers believe that the establishment of an Arab coalition helps to normalize relations between Israel and its neighbors at the top of Trump's visit regional agenda.

The Palestinian official said that Trump comes a plan for the entire region aimed at the normalization of relations between the Palestinians and Israelis on the one hand and the Israelis and the rest of the Arabs on the other.

He added that the main objective of this visit, the establishment of an Arab alliance led by Saudi Arabia to confront Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, especially since it was reported last week reports that several Gulf states offered a deal to normalize relations with Israel if steps have been taken to resume peace talks with the Palestinians.

Said journalist and political analyst slaves Israel and Trump has also used this alliance to put pressure on the Palestinian leadership to accept a settlement that does not include the two-state solution, especially since many Arab governments believe that the Palestinian issue was an obstacle to the formation of this alliance and then the Arab states will try to find a way to overcome This matter.

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