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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daesh" adopt the killing of an Israeli soldier in Jerusalem and Hamas denies


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Daesh" adopt the killing of an Israeli soldier in Jerusalem and Hamas denies

Post by rocky on Sat 17 Jun 2017, 4:01 am

Daesh" adopt the killing of an Israeli soldier in Jerusalem and Hamas denies

The adoption of the "Daesh" the first time an attack in Jerusalem led to the killing of Israeli police, warning that he "will not be the last," before it denies the "Islamic Resistance Movement" (Hamas) announced this responsibility.

The terrorist organization said in a statement received by AFP in Beirut that "a group of recession caliphate carried out the blessing of the city of Jerusalem," after Israeli police announced they had killed three young Palestinians they attack.

"They would destroy the Jews Alangas gatherings in the heart of the land of the electrode, and the attack resulted in the destruction of a female soldier and wounding others, then dismounted the martyrs."

Before being killed, they managed policewoman wounding an Israeli was seriously wounded in a knife attack near the old town in the occupied Arab East Jerusalem. Police and died aged 23 after hours in the hospital.

The extremist organization built on the tenth of April the launch of a rocket that landed in southern Israel, from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, where the organization claimed responsibility linked to militant groups in February for a series of rocket fire.

He announced "Daesh" The perpetrators of the attack were "Abu Bara al-Maqdisi and Abu Hassan al-Maqdisi and Abu Rabah Jerusalem."

- "Mixing Securities" -

But both declared Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in a statement Friday night - Saturday, the three perpetrators of the attack belonged to.

Bo said Sami Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman in a statement that "the operation was carried out Mquaoman from the Popular Front and the third of the Hamas movement," stressing that "the process ratios Daesh is an attempt to mix the leaves," referring to the terrorist organization. He said, Zuhri, said that "Jerusalem is the process of heroic (..) comes within the framework of the popular operations."

For its part, describing the Popular Front in a statement, "the martyrs of the promise of the heroic Buraq who carried out a heroic operation Friday night in the occupied city of Jerusalem, confirmation of the approach of resistance and to respond to crimes of the occupation and the targeting of holy sites."

The statement noted that the attackers come from the village of Deir Abu Mashal and are "innocent of nullity Captured editors Ibrahim Saleh Atta (18 years) and Osama Ahmed Mustafa Atta (19 years), the hero martyr Adel Hassan Ahmed Ankoh (18 years)."

The statement stressed that "the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine renewed outdated Palestinian people and the blood covenant and the determination to continue the resistance until the return and liberation and the establishment of our state on the entire national territory."

Witnessing the Palestinian territories and Israel since the first of October 2015 a wave of violence caused the deaths of 272 Palestinians and 41 Israelis and two Americans and two Eritreans and Sudanese and British, according to the census and the Jordanians told AFP. Israel says most of the Palestinians killed were the perpetrators of attacks against Asiraieyen.

The three Palestinians dead came from the nearby village of Ramallah, the Palestinian Authority headquarters in the West Bank, occupied by Israel since fifty years that. Residents of Deir Abu Mashal told AFP that Israeli soldiers surrounded the village and prevent its residents from leaving or entering except for humanitarian cases.

- During Ramadan -

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said that the innocent and Osama Atta recently came out of the Israeli prison after several months spent. According to Israel's internal security service (Shin Bet) said the three attackers were involved in "terrorist activities" precedent.

The attack took place on Friday, the third of the month of Ramadan in which tens of thousands of Palestinians from East Jerusalem and the West Bank, occupied leads at night prayer in Al-Aqsa mosque amid tight control of the Israeli police.

According to Israeli police, the attack took place in the old town when the column was carried out by three Arabs by firearms and knives door. Police said that two attackers opened fire on a group of policemen as they responded to them similarly stabbed three mayors to police before being killed.

Doctors confirmed that four people were wounded in the attack, two of them medium and two minor wounds.

The Palestinian security forces have talked about striker fourth Palestinian from Hebron (south of the occupied West Bank) named Amer Badawi. But it turned out that he was passers-by and wounded firing before being taken to the hospital, according to the Israeli police.

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