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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Adviser to Khamenei: America suffered losses in Iraq, expensive thanks to Iran


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Adviser to Khamenei: America suffered losses in Iraq, expensive thanks to Iran

Post by rocky on Mon 19 Jun 2017, 3:03 am

Adviser to Khamenei: America suffered losses in Iraq, expensive thanks to Iran

16:40 - 18/06/2017

Major General Yahya Safavi, the commander of the Islamic Revolution adviser to Mr. Ali Khamenei, on Sunday that the United States suffered losses in Iraq, expensive and Syria thanks to Iran's support advisory, pointing out that the Americans have realized a good operation and intelligence capabilities of the Revolutionary Guards.

The agency quoted the "Knight" Iranian Safavi was quoted as saying, "The strategy of Islamic Republic of Iran is not to launch a military attack on one and establish peace, stability and security in the Persian Gulf and West Asia, with the participation of countries in the region that began the fight against terrorism, according to this strategy."

He added that "Saudi Arabia and other countries have become tools of the United States and pre-prepared tensions pour in favor of the United States only in the context of the exploitation of the wealth of the Arab and Islamic countries to export arms and fueling a race between these countries in this regard."

He pointed to the transactions held by the United States in the region, saying that "whenever destabilize security, the greater the number of US deals in the region, especially Maakdth with Qatar recently worth $ 12 billion, despite being accused of supporting terrorism and the support of Saudi Arabia and its allies in the sanctions imposed on Qatar."

He said that "America is the countries of the region in Aleppo and possession of wealth used through arms sales, pointing out that Qatar's reserves of 300 to 400 billion dollars, and the US ambitions Basthawwazh through the export of security services and fueling tension."

Safavi felt that "America's strength and the Zionists are declining as seen in the failure to bring down the Syrian government as well as its inability in the face of North Korea as it suffered exorbitant losses on the battlefields in Syria and Iraq, thanks to the Iranian advisory support," adding that "the US embargo last on Iran because its desire exert more pressure because of political defeats suffered by Iraq and Syria. " Finished / 25

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