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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Tax and customs reform provides millions of dollars for the treasury


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Tax and customs reform provides millions of dollars for the treasury Empty Tax and customs reform provides millions of dollars for the treasury

Post by rocky on Sat 19 Aug 2017, 3:03 am

Tax and customs reform provides millions of dollars for the treasury

19/8/2017 12:00 am

Support the budget with non-oil revenues
Baghdad / Mustafa Hashemi - Shukran Al-Fatlawi
counted economic affairs tax policy, as one of the measures that can be taken to rebalance the economic policy, which suffers hardships in light of the unilateral economy as it contributes to achieve a part of social justice in the event of distribution Income between services and tax amounts collected from taxpayers, and their importance in maximizing state resources from non-oil sectors.
The tax or collection is a monetary amount that the state collects from individuals and institutions in order to finance its expenses, that is to finance the sectors that the state spends on, such as education, salaries or infrastructure, such as building roads. In other words, taxes are the collection of funds from those charged in exchange for the state providing indirect services, Taxes are defined as mandatory financial contributions levied on the activities, expenses, jobs and income of individuals or enterprises and enterprises to achieve the State's financial returns by imposing them on a range of sectors, services and goods.
The economic d. Ikram Abdel Aziz in her talk to "morning" that the money collected from the tariff, in the case of employment in other aspects, will also generate new aerodynamic activities, pointing at the same time to the need to take care of managing the facility responsible for its collection in terms of preventing manipulation and quality control and be Calculated and calculated for each category of goods entered, which can save millions of dollars. The

private sector
added that the private sector suffers from a decline in the activities of the irish, pointing to the importance of taking into account the priority in the import of some goods and methodology according to the real need for serious and deep study and deliberate plans to diagnose the imbalance and develop radical solutions to increase imports of the state in the current situation.
"The importance of taxation in the social and economic life of the public," said Dr. Essam Al Mahawili, an economist. "Taxes are a source of strength for citizens in the case of direct services, which are the responsibility of the private sector.

Maximizing resources
He added that the economic situation that Iraq is going through the fallout of oil prices requires maximizing the state resources from non-oil sectors such as taxes and customs and activating other important economic aspects such as tourism and inland water transport.
He pointed out that activating the role of the private sector in the economic process will contribute to the stability of the tax system by improving the direct services provided by its companies to the public.

Power source
He added that taxes are a source of strength for the public if they are not satisfied with the services provided by companies as well as developed countries, as it is possible to object to the volume of payments for services, which will lead companies to improve their services or reduce the tax rate.
Mahaouli said earlier that "the morning" the need to improve the tax reality through the introduction of a new system suitable for the current phase and meet the increasing need of the public in return for the provision of direct services to them.
He pointed out that if we want to benefit from the real taxes, imposed on contractors, for example, it is possible to reduce the tax on them in return for the provision of their companies a certain service Ktolit street in an area or repair sidewalks or contribute to the construction of buildings destroyed by terrorism and reconstruction, especially in liberated areas.
He pointed out that this move would accelerate the reconstruction campaigns in the old city of Mosul, where the destruction rate is a record, noting that the adoption of this proposal will bring
economic benefits and social alike.

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