revealed the "File DEBKAfile DEBKAfile", known to be close to the Israeli intelligence service " Mossad ", in which the story was based on "military sources", the management of Trump is about to make a decision means Turkey and Qatar closely. 

The website notes that the decision to expedite the transfer of US Central Command in Qatar to Saudi Arabia was ratified following Trump's meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman over the past few days

Although Trump's administration has denied the order several times, the sources with whom the website is linked to the US Air Force gathering at Incirlik provided information on measures to remove it from the Turkish base, asserting that the two campaigns are linked. 

The military report, which was prepared by another military source that continues with the Israeli website, that the US aircraft at Incirlik base are transferred to the military bases in Eastern Europe at the moment with some of the activities at the base of Incirlik, pointing to the view of the Pentagon to the base Andraveda in the south Greece as an alternative to the Incirlik base. 

The site warned that the strategic components of the region would be seriously undermined if the United States decided to move its two large air bases in the Middle East.

One of the sure points is that the Trump administration will send this step if it believes a message to Iran with its explicit support to Riyadh, according to the site. 

It is noteworthy that recently there are allegations that the United States will close the base of Incirlik in Turkey, which is experiencing with them tensions with the process of Afrin in Syria, but the US administration lied to these allegations.