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Director of Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) Hamdiya dry confirms in a very frank dialogue for (new evidence


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Director of Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) Hamdiya dry confirms in a very frank dialogue for (new evidence

Post by rocky on Wed 22 Jan 2014, 7:43 am

Director of Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) Hamdiya dry confirms in a very frank dialogue for (new evidence)

: By: Bayyna

Date: Monday 01/20/2014 22:24
* Our bank contributed to the financing of many energy projects, electricity, oil and gas and other industrial
Interview by / Anwar al-Qaisi / filming Ali Abdul Razak
«New evidence» true reflection inside us a knock screw in place effective, and the Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) of Iraqi banks, which make their way in the banking industry with confidence and hit the ground running
Despite the short life of the bank timetable as it was not it only a decade, but he was able to achieve the achievements of calls of pride through its support for industrial projects, residential lot for the purpose of shedding light on the reality of the bank and his work, new evidence met the director of the bank, Ms. (Hamdiya dry) have we found a nice woman and responsible decision has wisely and enjoyed seeing the economic and financial insight as it holds boundless ambitions through a work that you want to see Iraq prosperous and healthy .. Hamdiya dry .. Women's ambitious and Iraqi thoroughbreds what she said in this very candid dialogue?
• What did the bank's achievements so far, both on banking activity or economic?
- We thank the newspaper (new evidence) because they express what exists within us quite frankly, driving a screw into place effective, Trade Bank of Iraq was established in 2003, and the goal of its establishment is to perpetuate credits the state, but the great successes achieved by the bank, which led to be performed Bank activities external biggest of the process perpetuate credits the government, where he contributed a significant contribution in many of the projects, whether public or private, and with respect to the public sector, say that all contracts and credits in the investment budget was through the Trade Bank of Iraq since its inception and to this day, either With regard to his contribution in the private sector, was represented in the financing of many projects, whether individuals or companies, and projects that are now the strategy with regard to the country's infrastructure, and as a result of relative stability for the years that have passed after the 2008, 2009 and 20 0 in the region, activity was privileged to the bank in the region, when it was experiencing Baghdad and the provinces some sort of lack of security and stability, so we see that the bank helped finance many of the projects of energy, electricity, oil and gas, in addition to industrial projects as a parameter of cement and other projects in other parts of Iraq , contributed to the bank in the financing of many of them, such as construction projects ready for residential complexes in Kut, and plant iron and steel in Basra, these are all the activities of the (TBI), and also contributed to the construction of housing complexes, such as complex project Basmajh housing for the public sector, and also fund other projects whether urban or entertainment projects, such as projects in the city of Hilla, Games, where he helped contribute fully in the financing of this project, and to contribute to the project of building a shopping mall in Palestine Street, and so was the bank's effective contribution in the private sector.
• What are the foundations to be adopted by the bank in the lending process, and what are the types of loans?
- The foundations on which we adopt now the bank is how to return these amounts or how to be exploited in a proper way, and today the bank to reach out to all segments of society, as well as in all aspects of the economy, but when the bank is part of an active and contributing to the financing of these projects, by contrast, should be granted The money for those who can Ahaaft them and exploit the best way or the purpose for which it borrowed for him, as well as the bank guarantees as well as how to recover these amounts, For us, after 20 years , We did not grant any loan unless we are confident of the recovery of such loans in an appropriate manner, and also that the loans should be used for the purpose for which they borrowed for. With regard to the types of loans, they are many, such as housing loans and industrial loans and micro-credit, which we give to those who see it need it, such as the financing of small projects, though I believe that this activity for the work of other banks because the Bank of the (TBI) when it addresses such a large volume of foreign dealings and the interior, must be the banking operations of small competence of public sector banks and private sector such as the Rafidain and Rasheed and private banks, and moving the (TBI) to support large projects, however, the doors of the bank open to support such a project at the level of the individual, and a few days ago we were in the a meeting with the Minister of Construction and Housing, and the presence of the Minister for Women special occasion of Women, and announced at the time that we want to contribute a small part in the process of supporting women, such as a slice of widows and women from the hands of unemployed in the community, Aftrhana proposal for banks that are allocating a portion of the amounts and enter into the financing small projects that women can and is at home that carried out so-sustaining her children and the upbringing and provide for livelihood everyday safely and correctly without the need for third parties, and this, I believe, will be seriously and take its rightful role among a widows large in the community in addition to the orphans as a result of wars long income Iraq because frivolous policies of the former regime, as well as terrorist acts and the failure of families without a breadwinner, and we already us and announced through your newspaper, we contribute to these small loans or soft condition to go to those who have a small business wants to come through financial returns, and we are trying to can give the benefits of simple in order not to be a burden on the borrower or the borrower.
• What is the required guarantees to the borrower?
- Society is composed of men and women, and in our East is the other half is sometimes a burden on society, as a result of high cost of living and the marginalized and not to give the area enough to her, and as a result of community male who is imposing his will, the woman became underestimate their abilities, because the man is the master of the situation, we From our side, we have no objection to finance all projects, but this category of society we give priority and can not leave it with the presence of such financial institutions undertake sponsored, and we call on all women who feel that they have a successful project, we all Iraqi banks will stand with them in addition to the Anyone who has a desire to finance these projects in order to make the members of society, particularly women an actor in order to erase the notion that women are weak and can not support themselves, it is true that the man has a stewardship and preference, but there are other things excel where women are men, and we have stated previously that men and women ACQUIRE the same opportunities for education and mental capacity and mental health, but they are not equal in the job.
• What about guarantees?
- In the case of small loans, will be conducted to detect and follow-up by us to implement this project, through the formation of committees for this purpose takes care of the implementation of the project, as projects sewing and opened a small shop for food, and when there is direct supervision by the Bank on these projects, we will Mitigating the subject of guarantees because the amounts will be small, and I think I am finding that it is a source of livelihood Halal and easy, it will not be delayed in the process of paying premiums that will be easy and simple benefits.
• What is the most prominent and residential construction projects, which is funded by the bank?
- Bank entered into a financing project Basmajh and now there are a residential project in Basra, a major project and a giant, and we are in the stages of the feasibility study him in the stages of communication for funding, and also offered us a lot of residential projects, because the country is suffering from the housing crisis, where you must through 2020 to have no less than 3 million housing units, but not all of the progress in such a project is not necessarily well thought out, not every investor is a real investor.
• Does the Kurdistan region covered by the projects funded by you?
- That the region is part of Iraq, but now we go to the areas that need our services, and we hope to have the whole of Iraq developed in all areas, but the region at this time advanced in many respects, so you must go to other areas that need to be be supported by the bank, otherwise we treat Iraq from Zakho to Fao one transaction, we are Iraqis under a tent in Iraq.
• What about the security situation and its impact on the project?
- That the security situation is now different from the lean years earlier that we have lived in the 2004, 2005 and 2006 until the end of 2008, It is true that the foreign investor looking to invest in places stable, because the capital is coward, but Iraqi investor is the son of the country and knows the case, therefore, is not afraid to invest in anywhere, and Iraq is now better, and witnessing the influx of a number of investors from a number of neighboring countries, because countries in the region has now become no less dangerous than Iraq, because the entire region inflamed, therefore, it is the market the best and safest of the neighboring countries.
• Do you have cooperation with Arab and international banks and what are the aspects of this cooperation?
- Bank of the (TBI) has a tremendous amount of reporters and great cooperation with Arab banks and the world, there are limits (280-300) Bank correspondent, in more than 80 countries regionally and globally, and this one features the expansion and proliferation of the Bank of the (TBI), a cofactor for the start of the bank towards the external work, we have relationships with these banks, whether correspondent banks in addition to the existence of cooperation agreements in the field of the opening credits and guarantees acceptance of these banks, whether internal or external.
• Are the banking industry in Iraq has reached the level of ambition?
- Banking culture in Iraq is still in its infancy, unfortunately, the industry has Iraqi bank did not reach the level of ambition, because Anazna from the world up to 35 years, in all aspects of economic, scientific and other aspects, as well as in the banking side, where we moved away from everything related to developments in labor banking and modern technology. Hence the not Nrtq to equate activity global banking even technologically to the Arab countries, unfortunately, but we are working hard Kmusrvien and as a consortium of banks and at the level of ministries specialist concerning the economy, and the official and unofficial, are trying to work for you order the banks to keep pace international banks and we are in our bank try through our services that we develop a culture of citizen's bank, because in all countries of the world and even in some developing countries, we find that the cash circulation has decreased to a large degree, while we are still in Iraq are deliberating this huge amount of coins where is the seriousness of a process tiring and stressful, and the Bank of the (TBI) were the first member of the MasterCard and Visa Card in Iraq officially. Hence the beginning to approach the state departments to receive salaries across kart; because the largest segment in which we develop the culture is a slice of staff who are in very large numbers in all the ministries, we started promoting this plastic card in receipt of salaries because it will solve many problems, both at the level of the citizen Awaluzarat, so we started at the Ministry of Housing has been echoed by the Minister of Construction graciously and was positive, and it was the supporters because the receipt of the salaries of its employees by plastic cards, as well as in the field of investment and the stock market, and now we approached the Foreign Ministry and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, we seek to increase citizen's banking culture, at least in the process of handling the sheer amount of cash that is not in the interest of everyone.
• Are there Ivadat and courses for the staff of the bank?
- The staff of the bank in cycles constantly level courses within the bank, and these courses involving Mentebona in addition to the state departments of all ministries, where evaluate courses specialist in the field of credits in the field of guarantees, and in other banking business, we focus on these things Throughout the previous period The foreign dealings regarding credits and guarantees do not exist because of the existence of the blockade, in addition to the spirit of the banking business is in guarantees and credits, remittances and other banking operations, as a result of the imperfect world markets Ncogel full of employees of the banks may have worked in our banks, they are not aware of the details of these banking operations did not pass them this banking business, but theoretically, so we encourage sessions and evaluate for free in addition to the presence of a large amount of correspondents for (TBI) in overseas and we want them to set up annual sessions for our associates and involve them employees of state departments and the central bank and many of the country's ministries, and the last of these courses were in Dubai and hosted by the «JP Morgan», and the only thing that we suffer in these courses it's expensive, but by virtue of the status of our bank have, the cost becomes simple, and suffer from a lack of response from the ministries and their awareness of the importance of the subject, where there are a number of courses and Nfath circles several times in order to Send staff to no avail, and this shows indifference.
• There are many words said about the existence of many cons associated with your work, is it part of a miscarriage, abuse or what?
- Each of the works make mistakes, but there is a difference between an error intentional and unintentional, and in the Bank of the (TBI) do not have the mistakes intentional, and there is a war waged on the person Hamdiya Dry particular, for being present at the bank, and only Fannie outside I have no enmity with anyone , and because of irregularities discovered by our bank and the illegal exploitation of public money got this media war we either bank is characterized by its accounts open to all regulatory authorities, and after the sixth month of the year 20 Become regulators Kdioan financial control and the central bank can access to the bank in many times freely and look at all of our records, as well as the Integrity Commission, which has a continuous follow-up with us, and I directed the Parliamentary Integrity Book thanked by more than a year, a result of efforts by us , it wants to prove something to Hamdiya dry, he must be serious and comes to us and we Snstqublh an open mind, and we are part of the administrative structure of the state, therefore any official in government or regulatory agency where the User can Accounting Bank of T.BI and staff employees including Hamdiya dry .
• One final word?
- We wish those who have these amounts of public funds that are quick to knock it because we say it is serious, that Hamdiya dry the greater war on them, they will be more robust in the face of the names of past and through the newspaper, the new evidence and different media, there are people who are wanted for the bank large sums exist, and also ask the Iraqi courts and the Ministry of Justice that there will be the speed of the proceedings against those who stole Iraq's money, because the money Bank of T.BI is public money, which sits some of those in Jordan, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates and preparing Iraqi investors with state funds.

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Re: Director of Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) Hamdiya dry confirms in a very frank dialogue for (new evidence

Post by Neno on Wed 22 Jan 2014, 1:45 pm

Pick and choose method.

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