BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq Oil Ministry announced on Monday that Iraq exported oil to 31 global companies in the last June, indicating that Iraq 's oil was not exported via the northern port due to lack of commitment to the region 's oil agreement with the government Alathadah.oukal ministry spokesman Assem Jihad in a statement today: " the exported quantities of crude oil hasbeen downloaded by 31 international companies from various nationalities from the ports of Basra and Khor al - Amaya and buoys unilateralism on the Arabian Gulf," adding that "among thecompanies that have downloaded are American, British, Indian and Chinese . " He added Jihad said " the total volume of oil exports for the month of June , according to final official statistics issued by the Iraqi oil Marketing company" Sumo "and producers from Central and South fields amounted to 95.3 million barrels . " He continued jihad that "fiscal revenue achieved a slight increase for the month , compared with last May, reaching 3 billion and 829 million dollars ,"noting that" the barrel average (40.178) dollars ".ofatt Jihad that" Iraq has not exported oil fromthe northern port Ceyhan via the Iraqi oil marketing company SOMO due to lack of commitmentby the provincial agreement oil with the government Union.