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Video Evidence Leaked Last Night, Insiders Seen “Setting Up” For Debate


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Video Evidence Leaked Last Night, Insiders Seen “Setting Up” For Debate

Post by Lobo on Thu 29 Sep 2016, 4:12 pm

Video Evidence Leaked Last Night, Insiders Seen “Setting Up” For Debate
Posted by Martin Walsh | Sep 28, 2016 | Liberal Corruption

The Evidence We Now Have Is Appaling

We have already proven that Hillary Clinton used some sort of listening device during the debate Monday evening against Donald Trump. Now that everyone has had time to go back and analyze the footage, another revelation has come out about Hillary Clinton and Lester Holt, and now even a mysterious white-haired man.
Let’s start with this man, who seemed to be waiting on Hillary to arrive. When the Clinton convoy arrived first Bill shook his hand. He was then greeted by Hillary (she even put her arm around him). Furthermore, he was clearly carrying documents.
The fact that he was carrying documents isn’t necessarily any cause for concern. However, the man was seen retrieving those same documents from Hillary’s podium after the debate. What’s worse, the man appeared to head off stage with Lester Holt. Where these two men working together to help Hillary? Watch the video and see for yourself:
We all know Hillary is not above cheating, lying, or stealing to get what she wants. Reports and video evidence will prove that Hillary Clinton was caught sending hand signals and gestures to the moderator Lester Holt.
Why would she do this, one might ask.
When Hillary wanted to either speak or she wanted Holt to challenge Trump on something, she would rub her nose, almost like a baseball coach giving a secret sign to his player.
According to True Pundit:
“True Pundit cross referenced Clinton’s speeches, campaign appearances and her 2008 debate performances against President Obama,” the website reports. “According to that analysis, Clinton never previously used these hand motions to supposedly scratch her face. In fact, she rarely touches her face at all.”
The video will provide more than enough proof for this assertion:
It is also important to mention that Holt interrupted Trump the most during the debate, especially during a particularly heated exchange about Trump’s stance on the Iraq War. Moderators are to remain impartial and unbiased, yet Holt made it his mission to argue Trump was lying when he claimed he was against the Iraq War.
Holt interrupted Trump 10 times during the exchange, and demanded at least 5 times why Trump thought that he had better judgment than Clinton. How is that fair or impartial?
Holt interrupted Trump a record 41 times, either to “fact-check” him or to ask a follow-up question. Conversely, Clinton was only interrupted 7 times during the course of the 90-minute debate.
Author and journalist Mike Cernovich reached out to poker pros to see if Hillary was signalling Lester Holt with hand gestures during Monday’s debate.
Poker pro Mike Matusow agreed that Hillary was signalling Lester Holt:
Video evidence clearly shows that Hillary cheated in this debate several times. Hillary knew she could not match the intellect of Donald Trump, so she rigged the debate in her favor. Clinton and Holt coordinated this attack.
Based on all of the evidence, they agreed Holt would go after Trump and interrupt him a lot, which would lead to him (understandably) getting frustrated, then Clinton would give her signal (nose rub), and Holt would let Hillary answer back uninterrupted.
Did you notice how Holt aggressively challenged Trump when it came to Rosie O’Donnell while not mentioning a single thing about Clinton’s emails, her server, Foundation, or her remarks calling half of America a “basket of deplorables”?
Did you notice that?
Why is it that Hillary can never do anything in accordance with the rules? Whether it is a presidential debate, her emails, server, or anything else, she is always lying or cheating. The American people continue to see how the mainstream media promotes Clinton every chance they get, and Monday night was another clear example of that.
Hillary and Lester Holt almost pulled off their secret plan, but too many people were paying attention. The facts do not lie, and they all ganged up on Trump to promote Clinton.
We need to share this story so that answers are given. The media cannot be allowed to get away with journalistic malpractice any longer. Donald Trump is going to win this election, but we still need to expose the media for their lies and corruption.
If the media are siding with Hillary Clinton, then We The People must side with Donald Trump and help him win this election. Our country needs him now more than ever.

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