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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The most prominent events of the thirteenth day of the strike of prisoners "freedom and dignity"


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The most prominent events of the thirteenth day of the strike of prisoners "freedom and dignity"

Post by rocky on Mon 01 May 2017, 2:26 am

The most prominent events of the thirteenth day of the strike of prisoners "freedom and dignity"

By SD SD -April 30, 2017036

Treasures Media - Media Committee of the Board of Prisoners Club and the Palestinian Prisoner Affairs reported, a summary of the highlights of the thirteenth day of mass strike waged by the captive movement in Israeli jails under the title of "freedom and dignity".
It continues to prisoners battle for freedom and dignity in the prisons of the occupation, which began in 17 of April 2017, to achieve a number of basic demands that deprive them of prison management occupation of them, and they have achieved previously wading through numerous strikes over the years of captivity, and are their demands for an end to the policy of administrative detention and solitary isolation and prevent family visits and erratic, and other legitimate demands.

The health conditions of prisoners on hunger strike heading towards dangerous, after losing more than ten kg of body weight, with a drop in blood pressure and severe pain in the head, stomach and joints and weak ability to move. "Certificates of prisoners of strikers in the " Ofer "prison.
Units of repression (Alemz), striking rooms breaks daily at dawn hours, and conducts inspections wide in their rooms and confiscated salt, and subjecting them to inspect the naked, and deliberately jailers to provide food to the prisoners on strike as a form of psychological torture "; the testimonies of prisoners of strikers in the " Ofer "prison.
Israeli prisons administration deprive prisoners of cold water, and force them to drink hot water, and having confiscated personal clothes and kept only the clothes they are wearing, a dress (Shabas), do not allow Bgsilaa only once a week. Of certificates of prisoners of strikers in the "Ofer" prison.
Human rights organizations issued a decision full stop appearing before the courts of the occupation, starting from tomorrow Sunday, and this decision comes a commitment to the decision of the National Committee to support the strike.
Israeli prisons administration continues to prevent lawyers from human rights organizations to visit prisoners on hunger strike, with the exception of prisons "Ofer," and "Ashkelon".
Israeli jails continue to manage the transfer of a number of prisoners on hunger strike, the prisoners were transferred: Raed al - Saadi and Amjad cock applies from the Egyptian "whiff" prison to "Oholakdar" prison.
A number of editors embark on strike predicative of their comrades in captivity , including the dean of prisoners editors Fakhri Barghouti.
And continue the activities assigned to strike in all provinces, and tomorrow allocates prayers in churches and knocks bells for striking attribution, and a call for Christian clergy and Muslim presence in tents strike, as well as events continue in the Gaza Strip Saraya Square.

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