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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Israel threatens Iran: We will not stand idly by in front of Soarejkm "ballistic" in Lebanon!


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Israel threatens Iran: We will not stand idly by in front of Soarejkm "ballistic" in Lebanon!

Post by rocky on Fri 07 Jul 2017, 2:01 am

Israel threatens Iran: We will not stand idly by in front of Soarejkm "ballistic" in Lebanon!

Arab and international Thursday July 6, 2017

Confirmed the Israeli occupation, on Thursday, they will not stand idly by in front of Iran's attempts to create an infrastructure for the manufacture of missiles locally for the benefit of "Hezbollah" inside Lebanese territory.

The head of Military Intelligence Army Israeli "security" Major General Hartse Haleva, before Hertselia annual conference of national security issues held a month Almadi, that Iran is the same endeavors for "Hezbollah" in Lebanon and the Houthi group in Alemen, which confirmed Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

And try site "Natsaf" Alasraiala, who says he relies on intelligence open Almsdr, revealed the secret behind those Altahedadat, pointed out that recent weeks witnessed a heated race between Israeli officials on "from giving more Narah, remarks and called sharper than the other threats on Iranian weapons factories to produce rockets for the benefit of Hezbollah inside Lebanon. "

And it demonstrated that the statements launched by Army Chief of Staff Commission Ctlal, Gadi also Oazncot, any day Alkhamis, when he spoke about weapons factories inside Lebanon

He said that the problem stands at the head of the army's priorities Alasraiala,, adding that it "has not yet evolved and that it is working to prevent the aggravation of this phenomenon."

According Moqa, many circles in the world expressed surprise about the goals of senior Israeli officials behind these Altahedadat, also tried the means of many media understand who you mean Israel Tahedidha, and whether Iran or Hezbollah or to Banan, where those threats, direct and frank Exceptionally.

The site drew "Natsaf" to Altbarhat, issued any also repeatedly on the readiness of Israel to prevent the arrival of ballistic advanced missiles from Iran to "Hezbollah", and confirmed that it Stdmrha before arrival.

Iran also tried too much to choose secret paths to bypass the Israeli threats but did not Tvlh, decided to build factories for missiles inside Lebanon and inside Soeria, excluded Kiemasraial to launch an attack on them.

The site notes that the Israeli public threats indicate that something happened on Alord, and that all of the news is made public that comes from Israel and Gerha, he can not understand whether Iran has already constructed factories or La, adding that the Syrian media, in particular Balo_khas, close to the Almardh, which spotted Almelv, claims to have resolved this puzzle of Israeli threats against "Hezbollah" and Iran and the Lebanese government.

The site claims that there are images and maps published in the media belong to the Syrian opposition show sites for new plants and the confidentiality of the Syrian and Iranian regime used to develop and produce ballistic missiles in the "Hell Valley" area north of Lebanon, "In these Almntqh, ​​new buildings it appeared less than a year and supervised by the forces Iranian.

Site "Natsaf" likely there is a site dedicated to the production of missiles in the region and that it will end the year Gara, but after the direct Israeli threats Bdharbh, no longer unlikely to claim that he has already begun work or that it has become a clear and immediate danger against Israeli interests.

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