BAGHDAD (Reuters 
) - US police arrested a man near the White House after he found several rifles, pistols and 3 knives in his car and admitted he had planned to reach the presidential headquarters. 

The Secret Service staff of the US presidential headquarters noticed a man in the morning at the intersection of 17 and Pennsylvania Avenue who was urinating in the sight of passers-by. When questioned, the suspect said he intended to go To the White House to meet with National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers and Defense Secretary James Matisse to consult on "lost salary checks and how to get a chip from his head."

The man arrived close to the White House by a 2009 Nissan car with license plates issued by Tennessee. 

After agreeing to search his car, the police found nine pieces of firearms, including pistols and assault rifles, as well as knives, mufflers and ammunition. 

The suspect was taken to a medical clinic for a psychiatric examination and then transferred to a police station. He was charged with violating the rules for the storage and transfer of arms.