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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Sunday Night KTFA Members "News with links and comments 5-26-2020


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Sunday Night KTFA Members "News with links and comments 5-26-2020 Empty Sunday Night KTFA Members "News with links and comments 5-26-2020

Post by rocky on Mon 27 Apr 2020, 9:35 am

[size=30]Sunday Night KTFA Members "News with links and comments 5-26-2020[/size]
MilitiaMan:  From Sunday 4-26-2020 The ISX site is down and my understanding it has been down for a significant amount of time today on and off and even before they started/if they started trading. The data is accurate, as I write this from the CBI statistics site. 11:03 04/26/2020.. ~ MM,yyyy   
2Cents:  Honestly MM, after that site posted a significant increased IQD rate for a while a few years back, I take everything posted there with a grain of salt.......Not saying it isn't accurate but I want to see the opening/closing index on the ISX site increased a thousand fold before I find the numbers posted above as accurate......  
MilitiaMan:  There was a major move in the ISX a few years back, yes there was. We all thought at that time they were ready to go, as noted in the data below they may have as well, but, imo they decided because of insecurity against it.. To hold off it may fail at this time and this is possibly why?.. ISIS was deeper than thought.
Now they are gone and now the CBI has been openly telling us what they are not doing, what they could do and what is the SMART option..  Not sure why anyone takes this with a grain of salt.
IMV, a complex process is a daunting task and needs to be supported by the people to not fail. Just because the politics, muddy the waters, the CBI, has been highly successful in doing the behind the scenes work. Whether, they show us each and every move they make is not exactly what they have to do. But, they do allow a glimpse into the on goings on occasions. Just, as they did with the Currency Issued portion of the CBI Stats Site, to only revert it back to the past.
They publish in blue ink for a reason. The thing there with the currency issued reverting back, they did destroy money and the openly videoed it so I suspect that will change again. I recall that they had 44 trillion (large 000 notes) and added 7 trillion (small notes, no 000s). The later 7 trillion will or may again be reflected, and that currency issued portion of the site will revert back once they RI and reflect all components again in a timely manner like the CBIs peers regionally do.
The only recent change by the CBI is the ISX Indices, so with that said, they ISX also had their site down today.. Interesting times..~ MM
10 June 2014
 The Fall of Mosul occurred between 410 June 2014, when Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) insurgents, initially led by Abu Abdulrahman al-Bilawi, defeated the Iraqi Army, led by Lieutenant General Mahdi Al-Gharrawi.
Dec,2014 92
Jan,2015 998.30
Feb,2015 874.32
Mar,2015 900.90
Apr,2015 870.03
May,2015 967.37
Jun,2015 1,000.50

2Cents:  Just to put this mystery behind us, it appears the ISX opened at 442 and closed at  430.47 at a loss of 3.24%.........No change in Index........ Here's a link ... to back it up..
MilitiaMan:  Though, the CBI still shows this and the ISX doesn't trade nor trump the CBI.. So it is not behind us just yet..Infact, there is more support that the CBI is following through with their process irregard to the ISX trading today as normal.  The CBI will needd to change the rate to the IQD first. imo ~ MM,yyyy
MilitiaMan:  Delta, being optimistic about what the CBI is doing and has done is not lost on me one bit. Recently for instance just going back to the beginning of April in roads have been done. The FIMA facility and the CML being put in and placed on the same day allowed for the smooth transition for large trades in local and foreign currency and the support of each respectively to a countries reserves. 
Shortly their after we witnessed the CBI and GOI talk about things they will not do, they could do and the things they will do in respect to reforms.. The CBI has specifically stated they were not going to devalue their currency.. 
We were told by a board member on the CBI board of Directors that they achieved equilibrium and from the looks of it they show evidence that has yet changed to date. 
Knowing what we know from the on goings at the CBI. They data they provide can have profound implications,  just as we witnessed the   Currency Issued portion of the CBI site to post data in blue only change later on. In fact that took 30 days to revert back.. 
Well, my view is we agree on that the ISX is not the one to change the IQD exchange rate. That is simply said, is the CBIs job. I don’t think the data in regard to the Currency Issued was a glitch, they imo were not ready as they thought and they reverted back.
We know a supporting piece of that puzzle is that the destroyed money.. just as we have supporting evidence they have equilibrium from a head Board member of the CBI and that the data supports they the smart option is underway!! IMO They are very close to finishing!!  -MM 
Iggy:  When single women get to the age of 50, they tend to adopt lots of cats. This phenomenon is known as many paws.
Iggy:  I called my wife and told her that I’ll pick up pizza and coke on the way back from work. But it seems she was not happy.  She still regrets letting me name the kids.

Walkingstick:  America renews Iraq’s exception to import electricity from Iran
A US State Department official said that the United States renewed an exception allowing Iraq to import electricity from Iran, but for a shorter period this time.
He added that Washington would reassess the possibility of renewing the exception once again, after the formation of a "credible government" in Iraq.
"The secretary of state gave this short extension of the exception to allow time for the
formation of a credible government in Iraq, " the official said, referring to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo .
He noted that this exception will expire on May 26.
Washington has repeatedly extended the exception it gives to Baghdad, which requires the use of important Iranian energy supplies for the Iraqi electricity grid, and the exception has been extended for periods ranging from 90 to 120 days.
The United States insisted that Iraq, the oil-producing country and member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), move towards energy self-sufficiency as a condition to exclude it from importing Iranian energy.
Earlier this month, the Iraqi president assigned intelligence chief Mustafa al-Kazemi to form a new government, the third figure charged with forming the government in ten weeks, at a time when the country is doing its best to form a government to replace the government that fell last year after months of protests that saw deaths.
"If this government takes over its duties, the foreign minister will re-evaluate whether the exception will be renewed and for how long, and then eager to resume our cooperation with the government of Iraq to reduce Iraq’s dependence on unreliable Iranian energy imports," the State Department official said.
GodLover:  WS...… I know Iraq has a care-taker government & much progress is still being accomplished with the MR, however according to the majority of articles the last several months/year..... it's been clear to me imo, that a new seated GOI is needed imo. With that said, I continue my persistent view more so, after this article you posted. I know it's been said over & over by Frank, a new government is not needed, so why highlight what you did? I am asking you, because I respect your knowledge on this whole journey imo.
Power4445:  Also, my question about the seated gov as well, is if parliament is dissolved, how long will it take for early elections and a new PM? I’m thinking a year or more. This is iraq we are talking about. Or will daddy (trump) appoint the gov?  
 RNoble:    If parliament is dissolved... President if the Republic assumes role and early elections are set for 60 days.. per constitution!  
Sunkissed:  And ministers lose their immunity ==> a little swamp cleaning!!

Don961:  The straw that broke the camel's back .. !
Saturday, 25 April 2020 at 16:39 pm  Written by / Taha Hassan
Researcher in security and political affairs
It is no secret to anyone that Iraq is on the brink of an inevitable economic and financial catastrophe, as there are no plan or initiative yet to confront decision makers except a group of proposals from professors in theorizing. A strange position, which the government has displayed with cold and envious optimism.
Economists describe the government's silence as an attempt to deny the existence of a near-term disaster.
There is no doubt that the Iraqi economy was affected by a crisis that spreads the situation of Corona, as is the case with the rest of the world, but the situation in Iraq is completely different from others, because its financial revenue depends entirely on oil,
Talking about the financial crisis means mentioning those affected, who are the private sector and those with limited income.
Indicators of the monthly deficit are increasing, so what enters Iraq after the collapse of oil prices is 1.5 trillion dinars, while Iraq needs 6 trillion dinars per month to pay the monthly salaries and continue the work of the government 
According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, Iraq’s import of food commodities and agricultural crops amounts to 12.4 billion dollars annually from the total external import that exceeds 40 billion, and the productive sectors do not have the ability to compete with imported goods due to the lack of application of the customs tariff law, in addition to the dollar exchange rate that serves the goods Imported at the expense of local product
Observers believe that the coming days will be very difficult for Iraq because of the accumulations that will overthrow the remaining economic stability in Iraq, the lean years are approaching.
There are no immediate and clear solutions, not even the initiative on that, so the days have become clear that we have entered into that dark tunnel that we used to hear ..!  link

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