News / Baghdad 
announced that the House of Representatives decision Niyazi Oglu, Saturday, the determination of the Presidency in the Council held a meeting with heads of political blocs afternoon to discuss a number of files that related to the work of the Council , including interrogations file. 

Ihsanoglu said in an interview with Alsumaria's News, said that " a meeting of the body presidency of the Council ofRepresentatives with the heads of political blocs will be held at one o'clock this afternoon. " 

He said Ihsanoglu, that" the meeting is to discuss a number of files relating to the council , including the adoption ofimportant laws and the work of parliamentary committees and to address the question interrogations. "

The MP for the high Nassif Reform Front, warned, in (October 6, 2016), of the existence of what they called "space interrogations" in the House of Representatives to protect some of the ministers, noting that one of the deputies resorted to such questioning to cut the road in front of the grill and the Minister of Commerce agency Suleiman al-Jumaili.